Extended - Daniel Tosh - Dress-Up Party - Uncensored

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Daniel Tosh warns women about what it really means when their boyfriends or husbands agree to go to costume parties with them. (1:05)

If you've ever convinced yourman

to go to a Halloween partyor a costume party

of any sortsand he's dressed up,

know that he'scheated on you.

You're welcome.

Now, what you dowith that information

is up to you.

It's just a theoryI'm working on,

but I thinkit's foolproof.

Because this is howthis conversation should go

if you'rein a relationship

with a manwho's never cheated on you.

"Hey, honey, next week,we're going to go to this

funny Christmas sweater party."

"Fuck that.""What?"

"Nope, no, I'm not.I'm an adult.

"I'm gonna stay homeand watch TV

and then go to bed."

That's what a man saysthat has never cheated on you.

A manthat's cheated on you goes,

"Oh, I owe her.

"Yeah, that sounds fun.

Let's go."

I only like this jokebecause I know

there's a guy in hereright now going,

"What the fuckwas that about?