Deciding to Reconcile

Brody Stevens, Who Are You? Season 1, Ep 1 12/02/2013 Views: 1,656

If Brody wants to repair his relationship with his sister Stephanie, he'll need to be even more sincere than usual. (1:16)

older than me.

CAMERA (O.S.)You guys used to livetogether, right?


CAMERA (O.S.)What happened there?

Just, uh...

didn't see eye to eye,that's all.

You can tell, like, as a kid,like, she didn't want anybody tolook at me.

"Mom, why do I have to do this?Why do I have to take a picturewith Steven?"

You don't think that affectedme, Stephanie? It did.

You were a bully.

I have a sister,she punched me, she beat me.

She threw keys at me,spit on me, hit me with a pan.

And you're saying, "Brody,what beatings hurt the most?"

The beatings with the keys.Why? Because my sisterwas a janitor.

I probably said some thingsthat were out of line.

CAMERA (O.S.)Like what did you say to her?

I called her a hoarder, adiabetic, mentally abusive.

Some evil things.

How do you think Stephanie willreact when I say let's nip itin the bud, Stephanie?

At least for Mom's 80thbirthday?

I don't know, but youhave to be sincere.

You sometimes-- you don'tact sincere.

What do you mean?

I'm the most sincere guyin Hollywood, Jackie Berman.

Yes! Steven Brody Stevens,sincerity is my calling card.

Pickin' it upat Kinko's tonight.