Cy Amundson - Cyberbullying Dad

Cy Amundson Season 5, Ep 8 09/16/2016 Views: 1,124

When his father joined Facebook, Cy Amundson decided to create a series of fake accounts so he could play tricks on him. (1:16)

Got a lot of free timeon my hands.

So, recently, I startedcyber-bullying my dad.

My dad is 63,he got a Facebook account.

So I got a hold ofhis high school yearbook,

found his friends who didn'thave Facebook accounts,

uploaded their pictures,

created accounts,

added my dad,

started talking shit.

We got my dad to drive two hoursfrom his home

to Fargo, North Dakota,

to meet a high school classmatenamed Mel for lunch,

that we were pretending to be.

I know what you're thinking.

"Cy, that's called catfishing."

Don't worry, I will getto the bully part.

My dad got in his truck.

He drove two hoursto Fargo, North Dakota.

We followed behind him,

giggling the entire way.

He went into the restaurant,

waited two hours for Mel.

Mel didn't show,'cause we're Mel.

He got back in his truck,

he drove two more hoursback home.

We are now at six hilarioustotal hours.

Watched him walk in the house,

open up his laptop,

to open up a message from Meland it said,

"Walked in, saw your face.

"You're still a bitch.

Took off."