Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: How Is This Even a Contest?

July 27, 2016 - Kirsten Gillibrand 07/27/2016 Views: 67,310

Trevor compares what speakers at the DNC and RNC had to say about the qualifications of presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively. (7:05)

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after Hillary Clintongot enough votes

to officially winthe nomination,

the Democrats spentmost of the night

impatiently waitingfor Bill Clinton to show up.

Then they spent the rest of thenight waiting for Bill Clinton

to stop talking. Uh...

No, no, I'm-I'm just joking.

It was actuallya really beautiful speech.

Those of us who havemore yesterdays than tomorrows

tend to care more aboutour children and grandchildren.

The reason you should elect her

is that, in the greatest countryon Earth,

we have always beenabout tomorrow.

Your children and grandchildren

will bless you foreverif you do.

I just... I just like

that there's some guyright now going,

"My children and grandchildrenwill bless me forever?

Sounds nice,but I already bought the hat."

It was a really emotional night.

It was a really beautiful,powerful, emotional night.

I mean, nothing could ruin it.

I-I guess... I...

Look, there was one weird thing.

If you were as energizedas I was and am right now,

take out that phone,fire up that laptop,

pry that iPad outof your kid's hands

and go to HillaryClinton.comand give what you can.

Even one dollarcan make a difference.

Look, guys, I know you needfunding to run a campaign,

but you can't bring outmovie stars to an arena

named after a bank

and have them ask the rest of usfor the money.

I mean, come on!

Come on! That...

You have some money.

You have to admit,you have some money.

Meryl Streep is not stayingat an Airbnb, I know that.

I'm not sayingdon't ask for money.

But at least show methat you need it, you know?

Enough with the movie stars--why not cut away

to Chuck Schumerin a garbage can or something?

Just... You know?

You know, the reasonBernie raised $200 million

was because, was because

Bernie Sanders looked likehe owed someone $200 million.

People saw that guy,people saw that guy,

and everyone was like,"Damn, damn,

"I-I got to help this dude out.I've got to...

I mean, I've got $27.Is that enough?"

Look, Democrats, you should need zero dollars

to win this race.

Because when you look atthe two candidates side by side,

it's embarrassingthat this is even a contest.

And I know, I know,

I know people will try and say,"Oh, no, no, no,

it's all about objectivity."

Yes, and any objective personcan see

that, of the two options,one is not an option.

(cheering and applause)

One is not an option!

There are basicallytwo lifeboats.

One we've seen float.

It's weathered many a storm,and, yes, it sprung a few leaks,

metaphorically speaking.

The other lifeboat is made outof Cheez Doodles.

And it has a shark in it!

And it's on fire!

And it's underwaterand its name is Donald Trump

and it's somehow currentlyleading in the polls, people!

Which baffles me.

Because even ifwe remove politics out of this--

no Democrat, no Republican,none of that,

just two human beings--

person one versus person two...

And you know... you know what,I'm not even gonna do it.

This is what...this is what their friends

and the peoplewho have known them forever,

these are the best things

that their people could sayabout them.

When Hillary graduatedfrom law school,

Hillary went undercover,going door to door,

school to school,investigating discrimination.

Everything my father does is first-class.

He loves real estate.

He loves building the greatest projects in the world.

She also started

the first legal aid clinicin Northwest Arkansas.

There was a building calledthe GE Building.

I didn't like it.

I said, "Donald,stay away from it."

He bought it,

made $200 or $300 millionon the deal.

That's what he does.

WOMAN: After intense shuttle diplomacy with Israel,

the Palestinian authority, Egypt, she did it--

a ceasefire.

MAN: Donald transformed a landfill

into a championship public golf course.

Hillary introduced a bill,signed into law,

that helped first respondersget the benefits they earned.

Donald Trump purchasedthe winery in 2011,

making it a world-classdestination

and the largest vineyardin Virginia.

Yeah, that's right.

Now ask yourself,where would we be

without the largest wineryin Virginia?

Where would we be, people?

We would be forced...

(cheers and applause)

We would be forced to drinkwines from other states

or even...(gasps)

...the second largest wineryin Virginia.


And let's-let's stop actinglike a few of Hillary's failures

define and tarnishher very successful career.

For instance, for instance,in 2012, in 2012,

Hillary brokered a cease-fire

between Israelisand Palestinians.

Do you know how hard it is

to get those peopleto stop fighting?

It's almost as badas Eagles and Giants fans.

This is...

how momentous this was.


And-and-and, but look,if-if we are being objective,

we should look at both sides,yeah.

What was Donald Trumpdoing around the same time?

Well, it turns outhe was dealing

with a differentinternational crisis.

While Hillary-Hillarywas handling peace

in the Middle East,he was tweeting

at Robert Pattinsonthat he should dump

Kristen Stewart for cheating.

Yeah, yes, seven tweets,in fact.

Seven tweets.

If that's not commitment,

then I don't know what is,people.

That is commitment.

(cheering and applause)

And look, if you wereinterviewing these two

for president, you'd probablylook at Hillary's résumé

and you'd be like, "Oh, I, uh,see you have, uh, quite a lot

"of experience here, uh.

"Oh, and you've also livedin this very office, oh.

Oh, that's very impressive."

And then you'd lookat Donald Trump's résumé

and be like,"Oh, I'm-I'm sorry, sir,

"we're looking for a president.

"Uh, it, uh, it lookslike you're applying to be

"America's racist landlord.

Um... um...."

(cheering and applause)

Now, don't get me wrong.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying Hillary Clinton

is better than Donald Trumpat everything.


For instance,if America needs golf courses,

then you can call Donald Trump,yeah.

If America needs more buildingswith the name Trump on them,

then you call Donald Trump.

If America needs another realityTV star, you know who to call.

And if America's droppedsomething between its car seat

and that elbow thing in themiddle, then you call Trump

because his hands are theperfect size to fit in there

and get the thing out.

But for president, but forpresident of the United States,

we shouldn't even be havingthis discussion.

And one of the mostcompelling reasons,

one of the most compellingreasons why,

just happened today.

And we'll talk about thatright after the break.