Alice Wetterlund - Feminism Explained

A Very Dramatic Episode Season 3, Ep 8 04/21/2016 Views: 934

Alice Wetterlund talks about what it means to be a feminist and reveals why she likes dating younger men. (1:29)

Nobody's surprisedabout that at all.

[cheers and applause]

Sure.Yeah, now it's cool.

Now it's cool to be a feminist.Beyoncé made it okay.

Yeah, I was--I was a feministback when it was not cool,

back when you were like,"I'm a feminist"

and everybody's like: [scoffs]"You're a feminist.

That means you hate men."

And you're like, "Oh, no,you're just confused.

Being a feminist meansmen hate me."

Uh, that's what that is, um...

[cheers and applause]


You know,but it's okay now.

And now it's awesome, because,like, Beyoncé came out

and was like, "I'm a feminist,"and you're like,

"Oh, well, she doesn't hate men;she was designed by men."

So, um, you know...[laughter and groaning]


So I said it.

I'm dating someone now.He's really great.

He's a feminist.- Whoo!

- Yeah, it's really cool.He's--he's a feminist.

Well, he's 25, so he'swhatever I make him be.


So...He's so cute.

And he loves that joke...

'cause I tell him to.

Uh, he's great.He is great.

No, it's good.

It's good, because--but it'skind of worrisome,

because he's the second guyI've dated

with, like,a big age difference.

The last guy I datedwas a lot younger,

and, um,he was a musician, actually.

And it's really hot,'cause I, like--I--

I get really turned onby lending people money.

Um, so...

I was like, "Ooh."