The Battle for the Butternut Room

Annulment Season 2, Ep 2 06/22/2016 Views: 4,287

After peaceably dividing the rest of their belongings in their annulment, Victor and Lillian clash over possession of one particular room in the manor. (1:45)

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evenings for cranial adjustmentsand colonics.

- Yes, and I'll use it inthe mornings to clean my stamps.

- Perfect.

Oh, now who getsthe Sherbet and Beef room?

- [scoffs]I don't care.

- [chuckles]I don't care as well.

- I mean, it's not likewe're talking about

the Sorbet and Pork room here.

- Now that's a good point.

- After you.- All right.

Well, that is everything.How amicable.

- I guess it's truewhat they say.

Annulments are fun.

- Ending a marriage is easy.

- Well, goodnight.- Good night.

[dramatic music]

- [chuckles]The Butternut room?

Oh, why on earth would you thinkyou get the Butternut Room?

- It's my room.Butt or nut.

Who do you think lovesthose two things more?

- You can't possiblytake this room!

I mean, this is whereI had my first fingering

before you even arrivedin Rhode Island.

- How dare you! You know thatgourds are my passion!

I mean, who do you thinkpainted this?

- The room is mine.

- Do you want a protractedpalimony suit, woman?

Because I will make your lifea living hell and I will win!

I spent the best yearsof my life aging,

waiting aroundfor you to love me.

- You wanted me to love you?- Well, no, but...

I will not leave this room untilyou acquiesce or drop dead.

- Stop quotingour wedding night.

- Well, it looks likethere's nothing left to do

but sit hereand do absolutely nothing.

- Oh, Victor, you don't wantto play that game with me.

I've been doing absolutelynothing for 35 years.

[dramatic music]