Naomi Ekperigin - A Tip for White Women

Naomi Ekperigin Season 5, Ep 15 10/14/2016 Views: 1,592

After years of watching police procedurals on television, Naomi Ekperigin has picked up one helpful tip that she wants to share with white women. (1:05)

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I love it.I love it.

Okay? I watch so many of theseprocedurals, I am telling you,

guys, I'm a damn detectiveat this point.

I am-- I done clockedmy 10,000 hours.

And I know how to crack a case.

And I have to tell you,all these shows--

every single one of 'em--they all start the same way,

okay? It's abouta white woman in peril.

Every single time. And soI just want to take a moment,

while I have so manywhite women here,

you know?

I want to give you guysa little tidbit, okay? Okay?

This is some information

based off of yearsof watching procedurals, okay?

This is for all you Megans,Sarahs and Lindseys out there.


Are you ready,Megan, Sarah, Lindsey?

Are you ready?All right, sister.

Only one thing you got to doif you want to live,

okay, white women?

You got to stop with the jogging

at dawn and dusk!