Mike Vecchione - Word of the Lord

Mike Vecchione Season 15, Ep 12 03/04/2011 Views: 4,374

Mike Vecchione shares the one sentence that can get you out of any conversation. (1:29)


in the future anyway,right?

There's gonna be an appfor your "I-phone"

where you just takex-rays of yourself.

If something hurts, you'lljust take an x-ray of yourself.

Put it up on "Facebook."

Everybody will vote as to whatthey think is wrong with you.


Eighty percent sayit's not a tumor.

Even if it is a tumor, youknow what you could do?

Cut it out with a knife.


Then, you can open a letter--You could frost a cake.

If it's "Swiss Army-"If it's "Swiss Army,"

you can clip your toenails.

Open a bottle of wine tocelebrate the fact

that you no longerhave a tumor.

'Cause a knife hasa lot of purposes.

A knife has alot of purposes.

You guys were a greatcrowd for me, man.

You guys werereally awesome.

Some of you are visiting--This is a great city.

People will try to wasteyour time in this city.

This is how to get outof any conversation

you don't wanna have.

If somebody comes up to you,they're wasting your time,

turn to them andsay this sentence.

"Have you heard theword of the Lord?"

[audience laughing]Seriously.


Whether you'rereligious or not,

they will walkaway from you.

I was trying to getto a club to work.

I was late--This guy cut me off.

He was trying tosell me a phone.

He goes intothis whole spiel.

I stopped him--"Excuse me, sir.

"Have you heard theword of the Lord?"

He turned around,opposite direction.

And I was like,"wow, you know what?

"Jesus Christ reallyis my personal savior.

"He helps me,and he will return."

Tupac resurrection--Tupac resurrection.