Brian Posehn - Blind Dates

Kightlinger, Posehn, Kindler Season 2, Ep 19 05/19/1993 Views: 2,462

Your friends are probably lying about the girl they are setting you up with. (1:25)


Pretty good mood-I just actually

got out of thisevil relationship.

This girl broke up with me--long distance thing, you know.

A lot of my friends, whengirls break up with them,

they get all bitter and vengefuland take it out on the girl.

They, like, call her at 4o'clock in the morning going,


Like, she doesn't know it is.

Yeah, for a secondshe's like, grandpa?

I don't think so.

It's been rough, man.

Because of that, I foundmyself thrust unwillingly

back into the datingworld, pretty much

kicking and screamingthe whole way.

My friends are trying to meto go out on blind dates.

Big no to that,because all my friends

are a bunch of lying geeks.

They're alwayslike, Brian, you're

really going todig this girl, man.

She's got TraciLords's eyes, Michelle

Pfeiffer's nose, KimBassinger's lips.

Yeah, they alwaysforget to tell me

she's also gotCharlie Brown's head.

Small pretty face,big old head, two

little hairs-- attractive active

Man, I always used totrip out on Charlie Brown

when I was little, because healways wore the same shirt.

Pretty sure it's becausehe couldn't pull it

back over his hugefreaking head.

Linus, help me.

I have an extra-large cranium.