Ron Lynch - Flying Around the Planet

Lynch, Henson, Taylor Season 2, Ep 13 05/20/1993 Views: 2,053

Flying around the planet can mess you up. (1:00)

I've flown around the planet,which is strange because you

can actually get therethe day before you left.

And you get back and youpay your bills again.

Uh, all right, let'ssee this will be me.

Empty bottle?

Empty bottle?

All right, thanks.

Empty bottle willbe the stewardess.

And this will be the airplane.

Hey, you want a peanut?


Hey, you want some peanuts?

Hey, peanuts!


uh, no thank you.

I'm sleeping.

Hey, hey, you want a drink?

You want a drink?

Uh, no.

No thank you.

I am a drink.

OK, I think that explains that.

Alrighty, I uh-- ohthanks, thanks a lot.