Trevor Noah - The Origin of "Woo-hoo"

Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation Season 1, Ep 1 11/22/2015 Views: 20,471

Trevor Noah figures out where the exclamation "woo-hoo" originated and explains why black people don't make that sound. (1:51)

Such a fun sound.

The sound of happiness.

The sound of white happiness,in particular.

Yeah.I've tracked it.

I've searched for the sourceof whoo-hoo

and I found it originatedwith white people.

White--white womanin particular.

Yeah, that's whereit comes from.

That is the soundof a white woman's turnup.

That is the soundof her getting into the game.

It's like,"Tammy! Whoo-hoo!"

And that's where you knowit's on.

Yeah, 'cause everyone elselearned it from a white woman.

That's where it came from,you know?

It spread through societylike a virus.

It's not the natural soundanybody else makes.

White women make that soundinstinctively,

but everyone elsehas learned it.

Like, white men werethe first ones to learn it,

because for them,it's sort of like a mating call.

They know what it means.

They have to reciprocate,like, "Whoo-hoo!"


But everyone elsehad to learn it.

It's a natural sound for thembut for nobody else.

Like, black people whoo-hoobut it's not the natural sound

black people make for fun,you know?

Black people can whoo-hoo.Black people often do whoo-hoo,

but it's not instinctivelya black sound of happiness.

And I think it's becauseblack people aren't comfortable

with the whoo-hoo.

Deep down inside there'sa certain moment in whoo-hoo

when every black personstops enjoying it.

There's just--there's just a moment

when--and maybe this is justmy personal experiences,

but I fear it sounds eerilysimilar to a police siren.

There's just a momentwhere it stops being fun.

[cheers and applause]

There's just that split second

where it's like,"Whoo-hoo, whoo!

"Whoo, whoo, whoop-whoop, whoo.

Whoop. Whoop. Boop."


Put your hands in the air...

and keep them there.

It's not the sound of happinessin my life, that's not--