Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle II - Meet Todd Barry and Olivia Grace - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: Night Three - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 7 01/28/2017 Views: 920

Alex Hooper and Matthew Broussard talk about their fears and roasting strategies before their brutal battle. (0:55)

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I feel a little weird goingagainst the youngest opponent,

youngest roaster, because I'mprobably the oldest roaster.

If I start bombing, I think I'mjust gonna start hitting

on Todd really, really hard.

I was more worried about theaudience

than I was about the judges.

By the way, Todd's been makingfun of me my entire career.

I love the fact that you're inthe arena now, Todd,

this is the greatest.

I love the fact that you thinkthis is an arena.

(Jeff laughs)

They wanna see you get your ass(loud beep) ripped off,

and they wanna lick itafterwards.

Keith is such a disgustingsewer monster,

if he swallowed Drano he'd justcure his sleep apneea.

(crowd laughs)

Todd Barry, if you're watchingthis,

I'd like to let you know I'vebeen (loud beep)

by a a lot of old Jewish dudesin my life

and I think it's finally timeto turn the tables.


if you win tonight I will beall right.

And if I win tonight I will bemore all right.