Flip Schultz - Grams

Season 1, Ep 0101 08/31/2006 Views: 2,111

Flip Schultz has a not-so-obvious nickname for his grandma. (2:21)


Hello, New York City,how are you?

Yeah! Ah.


It is so nice

to be back on the East Coast.

Actually, I'm from down South,from in Florida.

( woman screams )Hey, you know Ted?

I was, um...

Actually, I was just down there

visiting my family-- so cool.

I saw my grandmother, I did.

I love her.

I love her, I call her Grams.


It's not short for anything.

It's 'cause, you know,she deals coke.

And, uh...( laughs )

It's true.

I was actually down therefor my little cousin.

He had his Bar Mitzvah.

Yeah, any other Jews beside me?



What's up, He-bro?How you doing, He-bro?

Hell yeah. Come on.

Jews, keeping it Israel.


You see,

that was like "keeping it real."

You know?

But I added the "Is",

making it "Hebe".

( sighs )

See, Jews, Jews, we do nothave cool music, do we?

No. The Bar Mitzvah proved it.

Other religions do,Christians do.

You got Christian rockthat is awesome.

Christian rock,it's in the name.

It's Christian and it rocks.

Striper, hell yeah, my friend.


Seriously, 60 Minutes had thisbig piece on Christian rock.

They showed the guy onstage.

He's like,"Are you ready to rock?!"

And the crowd's screaming.

( imitates crowd noise )

You know?

Then he's like, "Is Jesus Christin your heart?!"

( imitates crowd noise )

That's great.

See, you're never gonna seeJewish rock.

What's Jewish rock?

"Are you ready to rock?!"

"Mm, no, no, not really, no.

"No, not really, no, no.

"We just ate, we're very full.

( sighs )

"We had deli-- delicious, mm.

"You know, you rock,you go rock.

We're just gonna sit and watchfor a little while. Yeah."

"Uh, okay.

Uh, did everybodyuse your coupon?!"

( imitates crowd noise )