Nick Turner - Rescue Dogs

Nick Turner Season 5, Ep 12 09/30/2016 Views: 985

When Nick Turner went to a shelter to get a dog, he was surprised by how difficult the adoption process turned out to be. (1:16)

not every rescue dog

you can bragabout rescuing some...

I have a friend who just gota three-month-old puppy.

The most beautiful thingI've ever seen.

Looks like it was sculptedby Michelangelo.

I would throw my doginto the river to get this dog.

And he's like,"I rescued a dog."

You didn't rescue.You-you won a dog.

You rescued him.

You rescued himfrom the Westminster Dog Show,

where he was aboutto be murdered by gold medals.

I rescued a dog! He's four!

He has a collapsing trachea,

and he spends most of the day

trying to lick the insideof my mouth off.

I don't let him.He's a good dog.

We got him from a shelterthat we chose

because it wasthe only shelter we found

that didn't want to come doa home check,

which is very popularand very insulting to me,

as a guy trying to doa good thing for an old dog.

They want to come overto your house and look around

and make sure your house,where you live,

uh, is good enoughfor what is currently

a homeless dog.

(cheering and applause)