Hostile Makeover

Future Stock Season 4, Ep 9 02/12/2008 Views: 10,432

Professor Farnsworth makes a getaway while Fry receives an image upgrade from his 80s friend. (1:56)

Please welcome our new

Chief Executive Officer...that guy.

Yay! Whoo-hoo!

Let's cut to the chase.

There are two kindsof people:

sheep and sharks.

Anyone who's a sheepis fired.

Who's a sheep?

ZOIDBERG:Uh, excuse me.

Which is the one peoplelike to hug?

Gutsy question.

You're a shark.

Sharks are winnersand they don't look back

'cause they don't have necks.

Necks are for sheep.

I am proud to be the shepherd ofthis herd of sharks

and I am going to lead youto the top

in this industry of, of...

Package delivery.

Package delivery!

Oh, God...


Now, the first order of business

is to blame everything onthe guy before me.


I'll ruin you likeI ruined this company!


Question number one:

What was your overallbusiness plan?

Um, eh, business plan, yes.

I keep it here,right next to my heart.

This isn't a business plan.

It's an escape plan.

So long, suckers!

Fry, as a fellow'80s dollar jockey

I'm making youmy new vice-chairman.


I'm rolling upthe corporate ramp!

( all groaning )

We're ruined!

What fevered dream is this

that bids to tear this companyin twain?

Thank you.

Come again.

That's what I calla hostile makeover.

Hair gel?

No thanks. I make my own.

( squishing noise )