Leela's Origin

Leela's Homeworld Season 4, Ep 5 02/07/2008 Views: 25,287

Leela's parents tell the story of their sacrifice and how Leela came to live among humans. (2:00)

It's a girl!

My God!

She's beautiful.

No extra anythings.

( cooing )

What people skills!

She's completely perfect!

In my professional opinion

as an ear, ear, ear,nose and throat doctor

she is the least mutatedmutant ever born.

And yet...she's cursed

to live the horribledegrading life of a mutant

like all of us,especially him.

( sniffling ):It's true.

Maybe we can dobetter for her.

( grunting )

( baby cooing )

I made this braceletso that

in some small waywe'll always be with you...

even when it doesn't seemlike it--

during your entire life,for example.

You won't passfor human, cutie

but if my PhDin exo-linguisticsis worth diddly-poop

this note shouldconvince themyou're an alien

and that'll be enoughto give you a real life.

( doorbell rings )

She'll never knowwe're her parents.

That's our gift to her.

Better we should die

than have her learnthe shameful truthof her origin.

I'm with you.

I guess you're an alien.

What a beautiful,gigantic eye you...

( man moans )

Well, come on in.

( inhaling )

( loud splash )