Former Fox News Anchor Alleges Sexual Harassment

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Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson files a sexual harassment lawsuit against network CEO Roger Ailes, who she claims fired her after she denied his advances. (3:23)

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Uh, now, last night... lastnight, so, we talked about uh,

the killing of Alton Sterlingat the hands of the police.

And before our show

even hit the air,there was another

brutal police killinggoing viral.

This time, uh,

the shooting of 32-year-oldPhilando Castile.

That's... that's how fast

these things are happeningsometimes here in 'Merica.

Um, by the timewe've gotten angry about one,

it's already old news.

But I'm still angry.

Um, and we should all be angry.

And we're gonna discuss thison our panel tonight.

So, please stick aroundfor that, all right?

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We go from one abuse of powerto another.

I need to talk aboutwhat's going on at Fox News.


Sorry. (mumbles)

Uh, yesterday Gretchen Carlsonfiled a lawsuit

against bejowled Fox Newschairman, uh, Roger Ailes,

uh, after he fired herfrom her 2:00 p.m. hosting gig.

Anyway, Carlson claimsshe was fired

for refusingsexual advances from Ailes.

(audience hoots, groans)

Now, while I can't say for sureif the claims are true,

what I do know is that Carlsonwas fired

less than two weeks after saying

that she'd support a banon assault weapons.

All right? And I also knowthat when it happened,

we predicted she'd be let go.

By the way, Fox News employees,swing by Buffalo Wild Wings

tonight for Gretchen Carlson'sfarewell party.

AUDIENCE: Oh!(laughs, whoops)

I'm telling you,

there's no way Foxis keeping her after that, man.

That's right, Wilmorecalled that (bleep), man.

-(cheering, applause)-I called it. I called it.

Good job, Wilmore, good job.

But... But,if we're keeping it 100,

Gretchen Carlson's accusationsagainst Roger Ailes

are far too creepy to ignore,

which is why it's so upsettingthat he totally ignored them.

REPORTER: When she complained about his severe and pervasive

sexual harassment, she says he told her,

"I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship

a long time ago."


Now, right now,these are just accusations,

so we don't wantto jump to any conclusions.

It's just a classic caseof she said, it said. But...

That's all it is, but there'sgood news for the Fox CEO,

because tonight Roger Ailesis the recipient

of The Nightly Show' inaugural

Ain't Nobody SurprisedYou a Creepy-Ass (bleep) Award.

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There we go.

So, uh...

So, I just want to say...Oh, my...

I just want to say congrats,you creepy-ass (bleep).

There you go.

Oh, oh, and by the way,

uh, we all know you did it.

All right.