Brock Turner Gets Off Easy for Sexual Assault

June 14, 2016 - Malcolm Gladwell 06/14/2016 Views: 3,037

A California judge sparks outrage after reducing a sexual assault offender's potential 14-year prison sentence to a mere six months. (4:29)

Uh, there was another story

that I want to make suredoesn't get forgotten.

Now, this one's about a judgewho was, let's say,

a bit too cavalierin his sentencing.

REPORTER: 20-year-old swimming star Brock Turner

could have been looking at 14 years

for sexually assaulting an intoxicated

and unconscious woman

behind a Dumpster on Stanford's campus.

But instead of 14 years, a judge has ruled Turner

will only spend six months in jail,

eligible for parole in three months.

Hold on a second.

It's 14 years or six months?

Those are the two options?

There's got to besomething in between,

like-like 13 years, maybe?

Or 13 years and six months?

(cheering, applause)

What am I missing?


Or... or what the (bleep)

was wrong with 14 years?

How about that?

So, anyhow, the judgesaid he understood

the devastationthe victim suffered.

Uh, but thatthe "prison sentence would have

a severe impact" on Brock.

Yes, because if anyoneisn't supposed to change

after a brutal attack,it's the attacker.

Brock, man, we're gonnalock you up for a bit,

but promise you won't losethat rapey side we love so much,

all right, man?Don't change, man, don't change.

Now, in California,the mandatory minimum

for this type of caseis two years,

and a judge can sentencebelow that, but why would he?

REPORTER: The judge's reasoning? The rape carried

"less moral culpability because Turner was drunk

at the time of the attack."

That's a defense?

Was this judge drunkat the time of sentencing?

(cheering, applause)

How...Guys, think about this.

How does "too drunk" workas an excuse for any crime?

Sorry I committed that DUI.In my defense, I was drunk.

Get out of here.

Drunk should never be an excuse.

My coworkers still haven'tforgiven me for

the drunken crimes I committedat staff karaoke night.

Right? Still paying for that.

Now, it could be that the judgemay have been swayed by a letter

from Brock 's daddyin which he wrote...

"that is a steep priceto pay..."

I smell almonds.Am I having a stroke?

"20 minutes of action?"

He describes rape as "action"?

Okay, I've said this before:there's a reason why

we have words, okay?

And those two wordsare not the same.

Only the most horribletype of human scum

would say somethinglike that-- "action."

Not to mention, you would bethe worst movie director ever.

All right, everybody,quiet on the set. Quiet.

And... rape.

Okay, that was bad.That was horrible.

-I know, I know. True. Um...-(cheering, applause)

Actually, uh, actually,you'd be tied with

Roman Polanskiand Woody Allen. But...

That's right, I went there.

But... but action-dadwasn't done.

"I was always excitedto buy him...

Who gives a (bleep)?

(cheering, applause)


Who cares?

Oh... oh, the poor widdle fella.

Is the rapisttoo raped out to eat steak?

Okay, here's what'sreally gets me about this, guys.

It's 20-(bleep)-16,

and this is the best we can doabout sexual assault?

I... This is exhausting,you guys.

Like, take this (bleep),

who I haven'tforgotten about, right?

(cheering, applause)


Okay, he's accusedof over 50 "actions,"

and we can barely get himinto a (bleep) courtroom.

REPORTER: We see he's making his way there

through the metal detector.

You're not blind.Open your goddamn eyes,

you fake-blind (bleep)!

You're not.


But anyway, I just thinkas a society, today,

I just think we have to finda way to do better.

We'll be right back.