Panel - The Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

July 7, 2016 - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 07/07/2016 Views: 2,860

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Franchesca Ramsey and Jordan Carlos discuss the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two African-American men shot by police officers. (6:26)

Hey, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

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And Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey.

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And 16-year-old activistXiuhtezcatl Martinez.

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Okay, so,I want to talk about, um...

I want to focus on the reactions

to the shootingsin Louisiana and Minnesota

'cause I feel likethere's this thing

that I liketo call "the empathy gap..."

-CARLOS: Mm. -...when somethinglike this happens.

It's hard for people...

Let me just give you an analogy.

Like, I'm from Pasadena.

That's where my, um, home is,I guess you could say.

And I have a lot of friendswho are...

-who are, um, Armenian descent,you know. -Mm-hmm.

And, like,if you bring up Turkey,

or anything about Turkey,

like, there's, like, a palpable,like, anger that comes up.

Not from everybody,not from all of them,

but from some of them,because that Ar...

The genocidethat happened in Turkey--

this is, like, over100 years ago. -CARLOS: Right.

That still resonatesin a lot of people.

But I never go,"Why don't you get over that?

It's been 100 years. You know,what's wrong with you?"

-RAMSEY: Yeah.-"What's wrong with your..."

But why is therethis empathy gap in

black people's relationshipwith the police which has

gone on for yearsand years and years and years?

Like, there doesn't seem

-to be an understanding of it.-MARTINEZ: Part of that is

people don't understandthat it's not just racism.

-It's white supremacy...-(Ramsey whoops)

...which is, like,you know, at the top of that.

-RAMSEY: Yes.-We don't talk about that.

We don't like to talkabout that, and those kind

-of conversations shut peopleoff. -WILMORE: Right.

And it doesn't allowfor conversation to happen.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-To acknowledge

that these things are real,they're happening

and that they needto be addressed.

Like, it's intense.Listen to Macklemore's song.

You know, he says it best.

We can take all we wantfrom black culture,

but will we show upfor black lives?

-You know? That's...-CARLOS: Wow.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah -Okay.

-Um...-That's great. I agree with it.

I tend to quote Macklemorefor everything.

-Yeah.-(laughter) -I was...

I just feel like,um, when you talk...

-When you spokeabout an empathy gap... -Yes. feels more likean empathy canyon, you know.

-That, like, it just feelslike it's very wide.

-WILMORE: Right.-It's very, very wide.

-"Why are those black peopleso angry?" -"Yeah, why this...?"

"What's going on?"These are all...

It's, like, a millionisolated incidents.

-You know, so, um...-(laughter) -RAMSEY: Definitely.

-It's really bizarre. -Amillion. -(applause & cheering)


Do you feel that there'sa-a movement happening

with younger people 'causethere is a lot of, you know,

division about how millennials,and I don't know if it's fair

to say millennials and maybewhat your generation is,

-I don't know if they...-CARLOS: Yeah, what are you?


Are you-- do we start again?

Are you Generation Zero,like, what is it?

WILMORE:Smart-ennials or something.

CARLOS: Are we doing binaries...what? Yeah, yeah.

But, like, when youtalk about social media

and how things are shared,

I think it can havea double effect.

It can get people charged up,you know, as Obama says,

"Fired up and ready to go,"or whatever,

but I think there'sa turning off, too.

Like, there's a tragedy porn,I think, that happens...

-RAMSEY: Yeah.-...even on the news

where they show thingsover and over and over.

-Yeah, absolutely.-And that can kind of

numb people out,don't you think?

I-I hate it, honestly.

And I have had a really hardtime seeing these videos

because they are likeon autoplay on your Facebook.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-And I really, personally,

just for my own mental health,try to avoid them.

-Like, I've read aboutwhat's happened... -Mm-hmm., but I do think it turns

into people turning itinto entertainment, you know.

Showing dead bodieson the covers of magazines,

which I-I just don't,I think that that's a problem.

-I think... -But some of thatis necessary. Right?

-MARTINEZ: Of course.-RAMSEY: Absolutely.

MARTINEZ:I think it's to an extent.

You have to be shocked into...into woke.

-Right? -MARTINEZ: Like,what I've seen, personal...

-(chuckling): Right?-No, for sure.

-I mean, what... -WILMORE: Imean, at some point, you know.

And I know your deal is...

-I mean, your deal...-(laughter)

I know you're very passionate.

-I know your deal.-CARLOS: What's your...

I know your deal'sclimate change, man.

-RAMSEY: Yeah. -CARLOS: What'syour sitch? Yeah.

I know you're very passionateabout climate change.

As a young person, how-how doyou help to change the climate

of what's going on in the other area?

I think one of the mostimportant conversations

that needs to be hadis building intersectionality

-between movements.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.


...we see hugeamounts of power...


You know?


With my generation we see hugeamounts of power building

in the climate movement,environmental movement,

social justice,Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ...

-WILMORE: Right. -...likethere's all these huge movements

that like, you know, Bill Maherbrought up that, like,

we just sitting on our phonesall the time.

WILMORE:I'm sorry, who?

Uh, some-some kid in L.A.,you know.

It's okay, it's a joke.I love Bill.

But, um, it's more than that,because our generation

is, like, doingall these things separately,

-Sure.-but they're separate movements,

and so for me, understandinghow to tackle this problem

in our country is understandinghow it connects

to climate change,to our environmental crisis,

-and how...-Yeah. -All of it.

All of us have to startto work together.

And it's intersectionalitybetween all of us.

-I also...-I s... yeah.

I also think that, you know,

to go back to the, like,the tragedy porn,

-Yeah.-I think some people think

seeing it is enough.

"Oh, you have to be aware."

Like, okay, well,we're aware of the issue.

We know this issue is happening.

-We've been aware for..-We have to...

We've been awarefor a long time.

Since they were makingpostcards of lynchings.

Um, so let's actually solution-oriented.

And I think looking at how weinvestigate police brutality,

how we actually haveprosecutions happen.

Like,having some sort of standard

for if you killan unarmed person,

that there are consequences.

And those are thingsthat have to happen

besides just seeing the videosof it every single time.

Solution-based is allwhat it's about,

and that's whatmakes people inspired

to do something about it.

It makes people care 'causeif it's just knowledge

and, you know, understanding,

-Right.-it's not enough.

"I know more."It's still happening.

And I-I was only gonna...

I just want to saythat tragedy porn

has to be the most, you know,

depressing subgenreof porn out there, um...

-I would agree with that.-Truly.

When I, when I'm on PornHub--thank you very much.

Um, it really... what you say(bleep), thank you.

But so, it's so... but, uh...

Thank-thank you for standing upfor porn, Jordan, tonight.

-Appreciate it.-Oh, th... (exhales)

-Any...-(audience cheers and applause)

Thank you.


Hey, man, Nightly Show audience,11:30.

It's all about the porn.

They're either going to watch usor porn.

It's like...

MARTINEZ: Let's make ita smooth transition, you know.

Yes, exactly.

CARLOS: Also, let's-let'skeep it down there.

RAMSEY:You're 16, so...

I just want to...

I just wanted tojust put the spot on that one.

Actually, we have to be carefulwhat we say.

He's-he's technically a minorhere, you know.

I can't even sit in theaudience, they told me that.

Oh, no.

-That's why you're onstage.-WILMORE: I know.

You give me a lot of hopefor your generation, man.


-Thank you.-WILMORE: Thank you very much.

-Okay.-(cheers and applause)

We'll be right back.

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