Yannis Pappas - Boredom Doesn't Exist Anymore

Yannis Pappas Season 3, Ep 8 06/27/2014 Views: 5,134

Yannis Pappas explains how smartphones have eliminated an entire human emotion. (2:34)

It's amazing. Because of phoneswe've cured boredom.

There's no such thingas boredom.

A whole human emotionthat used to exist

doesn't exist anymorebecause of phones.

We don't let boredom set infor one second anymore.

When's the last timeyou were bored for one second?

You were like,"Oh, now, (bleep) that.

Candy Crush or something."

You're sick of Candy Crush,you're like,

"Let me find out whereevery sexual predator is

within 20 feet."

There's a lot of options.(laughs)

There's no such thingas boredom.

You guys remember boredom?

You remember back in the day?

There's just nothing to do.Remember when you used

to have to go back in the dayor when you wanted

to take a shit, all you could dowas stare at a wall?

Do you remember that?

I dare you to take a shitwithout your iPhone.

Try it.

You will have a panic attackon the toilet bowl.

What-what am I just supposedto stare at a shower curtain?

This is bullshit!


Remember back in the day,you would go to the bathroom,

just go to the bathroom,ten minutes tops.

You wouldn't hang out in there.

You ever in the bathroomso long you lose time?

You like, "Oh, (bleep),it's Wednesday.

I've been in here..."


You ever shit so longthere's no circulation

in either one of your legs?

You try to stand up,it feels like you got diabetes

in every toe.

You're just stuck there waiting

with your pantsaround your ankles.

You're like, "You know,if I'm gonna stand here

"and wait for the bloodto return to my feet,

"I might as well sit back down.

Finish the second season of House of Cards while I'm here."

The journalism industry'sin disarray. Right?

Gazettes keep goingout of business.

They got a horriblebusiness model.


They give you the news awaybufree onlinel.

and then they charge youfor the newspaper.

How are they supposed to stayin business that way?

Isn't it weird?

I haven't paid for news or pornin, like, ten years.

But I bought, like,six bottled waters today.

Something's weird.

Whoever owns wateris killing it. (laughs)

It's just backwards.

Why do they keep newspapers?

Don't they understand thatthat's antiquated?

Do they not-- do they thinkwe, like, like newspapers?

They're like, "No, we gottakeep the newspapers

"People love it.

"It's not cumbersome at all.

People love it."

People love carrying

a dirty pile of paper ontoa subway car in the morning.

You know,unfolding it 18 times,

holding it over your face.

You gotta start an articleon the cover page,

and then if you wantto finish that article,

you gotta go on a treasure huntto find the rest of it.

It's like, "This article'scontinued on section 'C'

of that guy's paperdown the subway car."

You look down at your hands.

It looks like you werejerking off a coal miner

for ten stops.