Joe DeRosa - Prozac Revelations

Joe DeRosa: You Let Me Down Season 1, Ep 1 02/03/2017 Views: 662

After taking medication for his anxiety, Joe DeRosa begins to realize certain not-so-nice things about himself. (2:23)

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Therapy's great.

You know, people areso embarrassed.

to admit that they go.

It's great. It's great.

Therapy is good for you.

Be proud of that shit.

The only bad part about therapy

is how abruptlythe sessions end, right?



Mood changes real quick

at the endof a therapy session.

That feels likethe end of a lap dance.

"Oh, we're out of time?

I'm sorry, I thought youloved me for a second."


"No, it's fine.

I'll get out of your hairand go pay the doorman."

Therapy's great.

I'm on Prozac.

I'm not embarrassedto admit that.

I think it's great.

Anybody in here on meds?

Yeah, good, good.

It's great. It's great.

You should be proud of it,you're working on yourself.

That stigma is bullshitthat they get.

It's good for you.

Prozac changed my life.

I'll tell you how.

I was miserable my whole life.

And I'm not exactlya beam of [bleep] sunshine now.

So you can imagine, times gotpretty dark back then.

Anyway, I was miserablemy whole life,

and I couldn't figure out why.

Tons of anxiety,couldn't figure out why.

Started taking Prozac.

One day, Prozac kicked in,fixed everything.

Prozac was like,"Joe, what's up, dude?

"What's up? I'm Prozac.

"I'm gonna be working for youfrom now on, yeah.

"Can I tell you something, dude?

"You're a [bleep] asshole.

"Did you know that?

"You're a [bleep] asshole, dude.

Your whole life,you've been a [bleep] asshole."

I was like,"Oh, my God, Prozac...

"I am.

"I'm a [bleep] asshole.

"I never noticed thatabout myself.

"Thanks for pointing it out.

"You know what?I'm gonna go. I'll be back.

I should go apologizeto everybody."

And then Prozac was like,

"You don't got to apologizefor shit.

"That's who you really are.

"Start loving yourself, bro.

[bleep] these people."


[cheers and applause]


And I was like,"Yeah, [bleep] these people."

And that was it,no more anxiety after that.