The GOP Weasels Out of Questions About Michael Flynn

February 14, 2017 - Laverne Cox 02/14/2017 Views: 45,900

GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway downplay the scandalous resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. (4:39)

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So... so, obviously, the firingof national security advisor,

Michael Flynn, is a big story.

The detailsare still developing,

and so is the wayRepublican officials

are trying to weasel outof talking about it.

It's really entertaining.

Like, take, for instance,Jason Chaffetz,

the House OversightCommittee chairman,

and the man who Michael Jacksonleft his nose to.



Chaffetz is the guy

who should be formallyinvestigating this scandal.

"Should be."

Should there bea broader bipartisan

ind... independent investigation

into the administration's tiesto Russia?

Oh, the... situationhas taken care of itself?

What kindof an investigator are you?

-(laughter) -Chaffetzis like an exterminator

who comes in the kitchen,turns the lights on,

the roaches run, and he's like,"Well, problem solved.

-(laughter) -"That was easierthan I thought.

Nothing to do here."

Oh, here'sanother interesting reaction...

another interesting reactionfrom New York congressman,

Chris Collins.

I've never heardof this guy before today,

but now I'll never forget him.

You have no curiosity about this

even though it deals withthe heart of national security?

Well, to be honest,I just live in a world

where I always move forward.

In a busy world,you don't dwell on the past.

-At this point in time,General Flynn, -Congressman...

-has decided to resign.So be it. -Come on, Congressman.

It's Valentine's Day,and for the love of truth,

you cannot saythat you just want to move on.

Well, because that is actuallythe world I live in.

I call ita "guess what, now what" world.

Guess what, he's resigned.

Now what, we've gota lot of issues to deal with.

Guess what,that's some bull (bleep).

Now what, we're gonnamake fun of your ass.

-(laughter, applause, cheering)-What does that even mean?

"I live in a 'guess what,now what' kind of world."

That's my new favorite sloganof all time.

Yeah, it's likea douchebag "Hakuna Matata."

-(laughter)-That's what it sounds like.

Guess what, Simba?Your dad died.

Now what? We dance! Ah-ha!


But look,during a scandal like this,

to be honest with you,there's only one person

I want to hear from.

Because there's two waysto react to a story.

There's the normal way...

and the Conway.

NEWSMAN:Yesterday afternoon on MSNBC

you said that Michael Flynnenjoyed the full confidence

of the president,Sean Spicer later said

the presidentwas evaluating the situation,

and then Michael Flynnresigns overnight.

Were you out of the loopon this?

No, not at all. Both were true.


How does she do thatwith a straight face?

Not at all, both were true?

Goddamn, Kellyanne Conway,

she does not concede anything.

She's like a character from Alice in Wonderland.

Every time she talks, I'm, like,am I on drugs?

Like, what is... ?

Up is down, down is up.

Seriously, guys, you can't claimthat Michael Flynn

had the confidence of thepresident and had to resign

because he didn't have thepresident's confidence.

It doesn't work like that.

Like, I feel like this wholeTrump administration

is about having it both waysand you can't.

Think about it.

In every single scandalthat they have.

You know, they talk aboutthe inauguration.

They go, "Oh, it was the highestattendance of all time.

Oh, and people also didn't comebecause it was raining."

What do they say about theMuslim ban?

"Oh, we're not anti-Muslim,no, no, no.

We're just doingwhat Obama did."

But you said that Obama wasn'tstrong on immigration.

"Yeah, well, we're just doingwhat he did.

It's a different thing."

You can't have it both ways.

Which one is it?

Every single thingthey talk about.

They say the one thing,

and then they saythe complete opposite,

at the same time.

It doesn't work like that.

They're happening nowwith the crackdowns.

People are seeing people beingkicked out of the country

at a rate that they'venever seen before.

And what do they say?"No. It's not a crackdown.

Obama was deporting people,too."

But you said Obama wasn'tdeporting people,

that's why you neededto be voted in.

"Yeah, exactly."


You can't have it both ways.

You got to choose which oneit is.

You can't have your cakeand eat it, too.

You know why?

Because guess what?

We have your cake.

(cheers and applause)

Now what?

Well, the viewers are gonnatell us what to do with it.

Maybe we'll eat it ourselves,

or maybe we'll deport itto Mexico.

Who knows?

Maybe both are true.