A Teary Tribute Goes Viral

Monday, December 5, 2016 12/05/2016 Views: 1,708

Dave Hill, Steve Agee and J Mascis try to determine which of life's little pleasures caused a man to shed tears of joy on YouTube. (0:51)

In trying times, it helps

to take refugein life's small pleasures.

This man has becomea genuine YouTube sensation

because he shed tears of joyat something so simple.

Was it, he found a curly fryin with his regular fries?


B) A particularlydank marijuana cigarette?


C) His wife just gave birth,

and there'sa Property Brothers marathon on?

-Dave Hill. -I want itto be the curly fries,

but I thinkit's the dank marijuana.

HARDWICK:I-I... Let's find out

if you're right.


Thank God... for my reefer, man.



-(crying)-(applause and cheering)

HILL:Well, I mean...

(clears his throat)

He gets the curly friesimmediately after that.

HARDWICK: Immediately after.Yeah, yeah, exactly.