Entering the Fourth Dimension

Mobius Dick Season 6, Ep 21 08/04/2011 Views: 74,159

When Amy harpoons the space whale, it pulls the Planet Express ship into a trans-dimensional wormhole. (2:15)

(thunder rumbling)


Things look bad enough withouthaving to look closer at them.


(whale call echoes)

Look, off in the distance!

It's exhaling!

LEELA:Use boaty talk!

Thar she blows!

(whale call echoes)

All right,which of you space dogs

has the guts and know-howto harpoon that whale?

I spent a semester inAfrica harpooning giraffes.

And giraffes are basicallyjust land space whales.

Ms. Wong,you have the 'poon.

(whale call echoes)

(hooves thundering)

Oh, God, I'm havinga Serengeti flashback.

Die, you dirty giraffe!

(screech echoing)

Well, I got it.

Now what, Captain?

You know, I'm not sure.

I guess I thought whales diedwhen you harpooned them.

(Leela screams)(crew grunting)

(screech echoing)

LEELA: Don't worry.

I'll drop the anchor.


She's divinginto the fourth dimension.

We have to cutthe rope.

Negative, Sailor Moon.

We're goingfor a sleigh ride.

I can see sideways in time.

(speaking backwards)

Hey, I see CGI.

(speaking backwards)

Poop. (chuckles)


Ah, yeah.

♪ Bender, Bender, Bender ♪

♪ Bender,Bender, Bender ♪

♪ Bender, Bender, Bender ♪

♪ Bender, Bender, Bender... ♪


That was the greatest

unaccountably infinite bunchof guys I ever met.