Samsung Galaxy: Exploding Into Your DMs

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 10/11/2016 Views: 316

Samsung discontinued its Galaxy Note 7 due to claims that it randomly caught fire, leaving Bobby Lee, Al Jackson and Ron Funches to ponder the future of the company. (1:54)

Samsung is officiallydiscontinuing

their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

'cause they've been randomlybursting into flames,

like grandma falling asleepwith a cigarette in her mouth.

-(laughter)-Let it go. She's gone.

Combine a Samsung...combine a Samsung

with a hoverboardand discount vape pen,

and you've got a great ensemble

for that hip,tech-savvy millennial

-who loves being on fireall the time. -(laughter)

But there are some brilliant Grand Theft Auto modders

who have added the Galaxyto the game's weapon store.

-Take a look.-(laughter)

-♪ -(laughter)


(applause and cheering)


Mwah. Mwah.

I mean, sure, you know,it looks dangerous,

but at leastit has a headphone jack!

No, I have not been madabout this for too long!

You haven't been madabout it long enough!

I mean, yeah,I have iPhone 7 Plus,

and the pictures are amazing,particularly in low light,

but I just want headphones,

which is why God put two holesin a phone!

It's headphone jack,not headphone and Steve!

-(laughter)-Comedians, uh, this looks...

-What just happened?Comedians... -(laughter)

This looks really badfor Samsung,

but they are the world'sbiggest smartphone maker.

So, can they come backfrom this scandal?

-Ron Funches. -Oh, yeah.They'll be just fine.

-(laughter) -Like,I don't know if you noticed,

but this entire yearhas been a Dumpster fire, so...

HARDWICK:Yeah, that's true.

-(laughter)-That's true. Yeah, points.

Uh, Al Jackson.

Dude, they got to spin it, man.Samsung's got to be like,

"Look, this only happensto our phone

if you like your own statuseson social media."

-Yeah, that's a great idea.-(laughter, applause)

-Points. Bobby Lee. -Of course,they're gonna survive.

They're Korean like I am,and we created "Gangnam Style."

-HARDWICK: All right, points.Points. -(applause and cheering)