Andy Kindler - Philadelphia

Kightlinger, Posehn, Kindler Season 2, Ep 19 05/19/1993 Views: 1,649

The angry crowds of Philadelphia united in their hatred of Andy Kindler. (1:08)

I was in Philadelphia-- avery angry town, Philadelphia.

I've never seena town like this.

It's supposed to be theCity of Brotherly Love.

You're like, when mybrother was 12 and I was 9,

he used to lean on my shoulderand dangle spit in my face.

I performed at thecomedy club there.

I've never seencrowds like that.

50% of the crowds were angry,drunk, prejudiced, white


And the other 50% wereblack people who didn't like

the angry, drunk,prejudiced, white people,

but both groups unitearound a common theme--

the intense dislike of me andeverything I was talking about.

But I don't care.

I am not in this businessto be a crowd-pleaser.

I get my inspiration fromthe great Buddy Holly,

because when Buddy Hollymade his first album,

he came to New York City.

And the record company said,Buddy, you're very good,

but we want to make--make you more commercial.

Put a suit on you.

Put an orchestra behind you.

And Buddy Holly said,no, nobody tells

Buddy Holly howto make his music.

I'd rather be shovelingcrap back in Lubbock,

Texas than to change my music.

And I've always foundthat very inspirational.

Of course, Buddy Hollynever actually said that.

Gary Busey saidthat as Buddy Holly

in "The Buddy Holly Story."

What Buddy Hollyactually said was,

sure, whatever you guys want.

Put a ukulele behind me.

Where are the broads?

Break out the scotch.

Rock and roll.