Matt Ingebretson - Hocus Pocus Sex

Point Broken Season 3, Ep 9 04/28/2016 Views: 788

Matt Ingebretson describes the kind of fun he has with his girlfriend and reveals the movie he was watching when he lost his virginity. (1:29)

I have a girlfriend now.

I have a girlfriend nowand we're getting--

we're pretty farinto the relationship,

so we're doing, like, very cute,couple-y things all the time.

We went to a concertthe other night,

and they had a photo booth,

and so you got four photosin the photo booth.

So we did smiling photo,

and then we didgoofy-face photo,

and then we didkissing photo,

and then, uh,

doggy-style,and then, um...

I lost my virginityin college

on Halloween nightwhile watching a movie.

And I've learned since thenthat there's no good movie

to have onin the background of sex.

Um, I lost my virginityon a Halloween night

while watching the movie"Hocus Pocus."

Um, "Hocus Pocus" is a movieabout three witches

starring Bette Midler,Sarah Jessica Parker,

and, uh, Kathy Najimyin the role of a lifetime.


And a lot of guys cumtoo quickly

the first time they have sex,

I lasted 45 minutes outof pure stress and anxiety.

I ended up cummingwhen Bette Midler was singing

a Broadway version of"I Put a Spell On You."

Really weird--really weird night.

I did, uh--I just watchedthat movie again recently.

No joke, two weeks ago,

for the first timesince that night.

And two things happened:one, I realized, great movie.

Still totally holds up.

Very funny, very self-aware.

And two is thatI immediately got rock hard

and camewhen it started--um...