Chest Harpoon

The Six Million Dollar Mon Season 7, Ep 7 07/25/2012 Views: 30,815

After Hermes gets a harpoon installed in his chest, his newly acquired skills impress everyone. (1:36)

And the best part is,the whole package fits neatly

in the spacewhere my giblets used to be.

I'm kind of a harpoon snob,

and let me say,that thing is gorgeous.

But do you really needchest artillery?

It's not just a weapon.

It's the bureaucrat'sbest friend. Observe.

(sing-songy):Oh, Mark 7-G?

Would you mindfetching that carton

from the top shelf?


(laughs)Pitiful and sickening.

Okay, little man,

let a professional bureaucratshow you how it's done.

My best wasn'tgood enough.

I'll need my personnelfile, please.

Welcome back, old friend.

I missed you terribly.

You do everythingterribly.

And I'm not your friend.

(laughs)Good old Hermes.

When he stops insulting,that's when I worry.

Oh, dear!

I was leaning over the sinkeating pureed clams

when my teeth fellin the disposal.

Scruffy, could youretrieve them?

'Taint a boilernor a toilet. Pass.

(sighs)I'll fetch my hand tools.

Hand tools? Why don't you get anextendo-arm implant, like mine?


Oh, no.No more implants.

I don't want to end up a cold,emotionless machine like you.

That's sweet, Hermes.

Maybe I should getan extendo-arm.