Erik Griffin - Horror Movie Music

Erik Griffin Season 2, Ep 3 05/10/2013 Views: 4,500

Erik Griffin proposes that the eerie music that plays during scary movies would be useful in real life. (1:16)

something is about to happen.

They should know somethingis about to happen.

And they acting in a manner

in whichnothing is about to happen.

You know what I'm saying?Listen.

We're at an advantage though,we're at an advantage.

Because what's the tip thatsomething is about to happen?

The music--that sustained string.

(imitates eerie music)

You like, (gasps)"Something gonna happen."

We need that in real life.

That be awesome.

You know, you walking ina parking lot late at night.

(imitates eerie music)

"Who out here?!"


I meet some crazy chicks.

They go, "Hi, I'm Samantha."

(imitates eerie music)

"Yeah, I-I got toactually go, Samantha. Uh..."

Funny thing is,women wouldn't even listen

to the noise--you know how y'all are.

It'd be...(imitates eerie music)

"So you live with your mother?I can't...

"You're between jo...?

This noise is so loud,I can't even..."


Y'all make bad decisions. Um...