Uncensored - Kristen Schaal - On an Airplane

Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore Season 1, Ep 1 04/01/2013 Views: 15,074

Kristen Schaal has a hard time with her airplane joke. (2:48)

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So, I was on an arplane--

Uh, an airplane.

I was on an air--airplane,and it was so old.

You know how when you're onan arplane--airplane, sorry.

[clears throat]Okay, you're on an--

Okay, um...[warbling hum]

So, I was on an ar--airplane.It was so old.

You know how when you'reon those air--arplanes,

and they'reso old that--okay...

Okay, I was onair--ar--airplane,

airplane, airplane, airplane,airplane, airplane, airplane.

Sorry, everybody. Okay.

Sorry, everybody.

Okay, I'll say that again.I was on an arplane--airplane.


Oh, I should skip this joke.

Okay, I was on an airplanethat was so old

that you know how thein-flight entertainment,

they have screens at the--in the back of everybody's seat.

Well, this ar--airplanewas so old that--

You know how they havea screen that comes down

in the older ones where you allhave to watch the same movie

like Faces of Death, becausethe pilot has chosen it?


[chuckling awkwardly]

Well this--our airplane was so old

that the in-flightentertainment was a play.

It was Oedipus.

So, that was--it was Oedipus.

[audience laughs and claps]

Thanks.No, that's okay.

[cheers and applause]

Thanks. Sorry.



Thought there'd besome water.

There'd besome water up here.


You know the phrase,"Who wouldn't want that?"

Well, I met that person.

It was a newbornon an ar--airplane.

They didn't want that.[chuckles]

I thought there, um,would be water.

Just need a lit--if I'm going to do this.


[clears throat]

Sorry, so, I was on a bus...



I'm sorry, you guys.Um...

um, sound bite...

One second.

[audience cheeringand clapping]