David Crowe - Namesake

Season 1, Ep 0104 07/20/2006 Views: 2,446

David was named after the Biblical Bill Gates. (2:21)


Schwag-ga-da-bam. All right.

Hi. My name's Dave Crowe.

( silence )

That's what I'm used to hearingwhen I say that... nothing.

All right.

I was actually namedafter the guy in the Bible

who beat up Goliath.

So a bit of an ass-kicker.Come on, ladies.

That's what I thoughttill I read the story.

Have you read it?

He doesn't kick his ass.He throws a rock at him.

( girlish scream )

So... I'm named after a cheater.

Hit him in the head,didn't he?

Probably back of the headfor all we know.

"You want a piece of me,you little weasel?

Let me take offthis robe..."

( laughing )

I think the lessonof the Bible is

if you're a wimp you haveto outthink your opponent.

That's what they're teaching.

Nerds don't have to lose.You just have to be smarter.

Dave's the biblicalBill Gates is what he is.

I'll rule the world from here.

Keep the change, muscle guy.

ALT-CONTROL ( bleep ) you.

People think Bill's a nerd

'cause he works in computers.

But every industry has nerds.

Here's how you find them.

Ask someone what they dofor a living

and if you don't understandthe answer... nerd.

'Cause nerds can'tsimplify anything, they can't.

I grew up in Seattlearound Boeing employees.

Never met onewho built an airplane.

It was always,"Well, I'm a project manager

for the manifold hydrauliccomplex, the PPH-5000,

"C-93 cortex

"of the 737 landing modulationsystem.

"We're doing these computer18 IV tech apps right now.

"We're going to be field testingnext summer.

It's going to be exciting."

See, you really need an engineerwho answers a "What do you do?"

with "I put the wings on.I do.

"They send me a tube,I stick wings on the side.

That's the fly part."

This is a pretty easy job,actually; it is.

Although I think the easiestjob on the planet

is the deejay at a classicalmusic station.

It's a sweet gig.

"Here's Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

I'll be back in an hourand a half."