24 Hours in a Strip Club

24 Hours in a Strip Club Season 1, Ep 20 08/09/2016 Views: 10,222

Nikki hangs out in a Las Vegas strip club all day and all night in search of her very own great strip club story. (4:11)

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- So, Lou, you're driving me

to the Sapphire right now.

[Voiceover]- Correct.

- The best strip club in Vegas.

- Yes, it is definitely

- In the world

- Definitely is.

- What else can I expect in there?

- A whole bunch of guys hitting on you.


- Thank you

[Lou]- Because you're a beautiful person,

a beautiful girl.

- Person

[Lou]- Watch your step

- Thank you

Hello. I'm Nikki.

- Welcome to Sapphire Gentleman's Club, I'm Disco,

nice to meet you.

- I'm going to bespending 24 hours here.

- In a row?

- In a row.


- Okay.

- So, how many girls am I going to see here tonight?

- Probably about 300.

- Like the movie

- Like the movie

- They're all half naked

and they'll probably die before their time.


- Let me see then.

- Let's make it happen.

- All right, thanks man.


(techno music)

Why do people come here?

- It's an adult playground.

- I said why do people come here and you-

Never mind.

Why do people ejaculate here?


- Oh my God.

People should not be doing that here.

(techno music)

- Now your name is Cupcake.

- Yes.

- Do you love cupcakes?

- I don't,

but I think my sweet, sunshine face deserves Cupcake.

- Yeah, I would be Fro Yo.

- Why?

- Because I love frozen yogurt

and you can't be Frozen Yogurt coming to the main stage.


[Voiceover]- How are you?

- Hi Dan.

- Good to see you.

- I'm so glad you're here.

- This is great.

Most of the strip clubs I go to are attached to a Sonic,

So, this is a real step up for me.


[Voiceover]- Hey guys.

- Hey, how are you?

I'd love to donate to your basketball team.

- Let's just talk, real talk

How are you going to get the most money out of this guy?

- Really pretendthat I like him,

that I'm super interested in him,

- Yeah, but you do kinda like me,

like outside of this.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Would you givehim a lap dance?

- I would love to.

- Okay, awesome.

[Dan]- Sounds great.

- I've had like a rough month,

I found out my parents are separating,

and I've been dealing with that.

- I think this is the normal talk,

that I usually get.

[Nikki]- Really?

- Really?

- Yeah

- Are there cameras in here?

- Probably.

- Good to know.

Because I was going to masturbate later.

I'm sleeping here tonight.

I am a man tonight.

[Dan]- You are a man tonight.

- Yeah, speaking of men,

I have some more to show you

(loud rock music)

- You guys should get married.


Hi guys

[Voiceover]- Yo

- Can I talk to you?

[Voiceover]- Yeah

[Nikki]- My boyfriend has those socks.


- Nice to meet you, girlfriend.

- Ha ha.

- Have you ever had a lap dance before?

- No.

I saw what you guys were doing up there

and it seems violent.

- Violent?

- Just like grr ahh.



It's time for bed,

so I'm going to get dressed.

(techno music)

I can't sleep.

It's too loud.

Tell my family I love them.

It's a lie,

but they should just feel like I do.


(loud dance music)

I'm beat, so I'm sorry if I'm spaced out,

but I've been here 24 hours almost now,

- Wait what?

- So dreams do come true.

- I mean, thanksfor coming back.

- I was just sleeping in the parking lot.

- I'm so sick of being here.

- You have the eyes of someone who's in Guantanamo

right now.

- I want to go home so bad.

This place has been very nice to me,

but I just

I don't ever want to bein a strip club again.

Until my shift tomorrow.

(triumphant music)

I'm free.

I'm done.

I survived, Lou.

[Lou]- Wonderful, beautiful, wonderful.

[Nikki]- Oh my God.

Let's go to Spearmint Rhino.

[Lou]- Spearmint Rhino, that's where we are going.

Get ready for a great one.

(techno music)