Kurt Braunohler - Oh Boy

Mike Lawrence, Andy Zaltzman, Kurt Braunohler, David O'Doherty Season 3, Ep 4 08/10/2012 Views: 14,353

Kurt Braunohler's orgasm sounds are more mature now. (2:04)

Thank you.

Oh, you guys are feeling goodtonight.


Awesome, I'm feeling prettygood myself.

Slept like a baby last night.

I, uh, woke up every twohours screaming in the dark.

And then I [bleep] my pantsand almost died for,

like, no reason whatsoever.


I recently had a woman tellme that I was a quiet

orgasm-er, which I didn'teven know that was something

I could fail at.

But it is true, I'm veryquiet.

I'm just... [quiet grunt]

That's the way Godmade me, you know,

just like a little kittensneeze, you know?

Just like, "oh, oh,oh! [sneezes]"


But she was like, you know,

"I would like to know when ithappens,"

and so then, the next timewe had sex,

I was really in my head and Iwas like,

I gotta make a noise.

So I actually went, "oh,oh... oh, boy!"

Which is the exact sound thatturns a vagina to sandpaper.

But now I'm a little moremature.

You know, now when I orgasm,I just go,

"oh, oh... I'll havewhat me's having!"


I lost a few ofyou on that one.

But I do believe that isthe funniest thing I have

ever said in my life.