Maria Bamford - You're Never Alone

The One with the Wedding Stories Season 1, Ep 7 09/11/2014 Views: 78,159

Maria Bamford reminds everyone to stop being so hard on themselves. (1:44)

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Is anyone, uh, is anyonethinking of suicide?

Don't do it, don't do it.Don't do it.

No, people will be so madat you, if you do that.

They'll be so mad at you.

No, it's not the seasonfor it, late fall.

If you ever start havinga lot of repetitively shitideas like...

oh, I want to kill myself,or somebody else.

Uh, remember that all of ushave had a lot of repetitivelyshit ideas...

that we haven't necessarilyfollowed through on.

Uh, I've often thought it wouldbe a great idea to buy day-oldraisin bread...

in bulk and then freeze it.

I'm not about to gothrough with that.

I've also thought many times itwould be a great idea to go onvacation with my family.

They are my mortal enemies.I will fight them to thevery last!

Honey, we're just going campingin Michigan with your cousins.

I will not be dashed upon therocks by your siren song!

Anyways, if you ever startthinking, "Oh, but I'm a wasteof space. I'm a burden."

Remember that also describesthe Grand Canyon.

Oh, oh, but I owe people a lotof money and everybody hates me.

Hello, Europe.

Oh, oh, but I've done someother horrible and unspeakable,unforgivable things.

Google it!

Somebody has done exactly whatyou have done or worse...

has gotten past it and iscurrently on a book tour.

You're never alone!