Amir K - Abusive Spelling Bee

Point Broken Season 3, Ep 9 04/28/2016 Views: 1,103

Amir K does a reenactment of a young Indian boy struggling through a high-pressure spelling bee. (1:33)


I've been justtrying to pronounce--


How fucked up are the spellingbees out here for the kids?

Just the kids, like, dude,

did you know that Indian kidscome here to train?

That's whythey're smoking everybody else.

You've seen it, and the dadis always right here,

the Indian dadwith the moustache.

Right, that fucking--

Staring at the kid, like,

"You want to go backto Calcutta, motherfucker?"

Do you know--and they're always right here--

I feel so badfor that little kid.

He's eight.

Sometimes it's sohigh-pressure,

the poor dude faints.

You've got to have seenthis video--

dude, you got to googleit when you get home, dude.

This little kid,he's in the finals, like,


But he gets up and winsthe whole shit!

He wins the wholefucking thing!

If you haven't seen that,

I feel like some of you guyshaven't seen it,

so I'll do itfor you guys right now.

I'll do a little reenactment,if you will.


"Can I have the word, please?



I don't want to goto Calcutta.

Can--can you please...

Would you please...

take me away from my family?

I don't wantto do this shit!

Yo, I'm Amir K, man.