Dave Attell - Drugs

Pulp Comics: Dave Attell Season 1, Ep 0103 05/27/1997 Views: 8,026

Dave did acid with his friend Terry, the little man who lives in Dave's eyebrow. (0:48)

I used to do a lot of drugs.

But that was way back there.

Now, I did acid

with my friend Terry.

He's a little man that lives in

my eyebrow, and, um,

we went to play miniature golf.

Now, miniature golf on acid, you

know, I'm walking around all

acided out.

I thought I was the king of that

little town.

I was like, "Hello."

Hello, people.

Putt-putt, people, please."

I should do some sports like

bungee jumping.

Everybody's bungee jumping now.

I asked this young kid, let's

call him Toby out of Seattle.

I go, "Toby, why do you

bungee jump?"

He's like, "Well, to get the

feeling of falling to my death

and snapping back at the last


"Really, have you ever heard of

tequila shots?

Have you ever heard of that?"