Speedround - A Not-So-Happy Birthday

10/07/2016 Views: 16

Trevor Noah marvels at the whiteness of the vice presidential debate, Paul F. Tompkins is full of dread, and Tymberlee Hill frets about her drunkenness level. (1:02)

let's clean up

some famously risqué songswith tonight's hashtag


Oops. Grandma did it again.

When a man love John Goodman

-Yes, Points!

-Louie Anderson.

I Just Called to Say I'm PressingCharges.

The debate turnedfrom-from a debate

into just likea big white guy argument.

That's what that was.

Actually, one of the biggestwhite guy arguments in history.

In fact, if we lookon the white guy argument meter

it registers all the way

at step-dad versus real dad.

You're gatheredwith your friends, family,

whatever, and you'recelebrating your birthday,

and then, at a certain point,

somebody turns the lights out

and you're like, "No."


Boom, our baby!

- I didn't understandanything you said.

- Here's to our baby,Ella.

- Ella.- Baby girl.

I think I mightthrow up again.