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Top 10 searched comedians within the CC:Stand-Up app.

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Zach Galifianakis - Drinking Problem

Posted: 16/09/2001 | Views: 87,698 | Comments:

If a bartender has heard of you, you definitely have a drinking problem. (2:28)

Tags: zach galifianakis, comedy central presents, comedians of comedy, shock, music, non sequiturs, stereotypes, alcohol, pop culture, audience interaction, one-liners

Amy Schumer - Slutty Roommate

Posted: 02/04/2010 | Views: 74,627 | Comments:

Amy Schumer thought the "freshman 15" was how many guys you were supposed to sleep with. (2:04)

Tags: amy schumer, comedy central presents, reality shows, college, friends, work/office, growing up, sex, tv, pop culture

Denis Leary - Flying Nightmare

Posted: 17/11/2004 | Views: 9,465 | Comments:

Shut up and fly the plane. (2:54)

Tags: denis leary, patrice o'neal, nick dipaolo, shorties watchin' shorties, tv, porn, travel, weight/obesity, flying

Chris Hardwick - Dweeby Kids

Posted: 10/11/2012 | Views: 14,983 | Comments:

Chris Hardwick explains that old sperm makes dweeby kids. (2:07)

Tags: chris hardwick, mandroid, sex, pregnancy, aging, kids, parents, latinos

Gabriel Iglesias - Drunk Driving

Posted: 04/08/2007 | Views: 513,596 | Comments:

If you know for sure that you're gonna go to jail, have a little fun. (3:13)

Tags: gabriel iglesias, alcohol, police business, crime, latino

DL Hughley - Founding Fathers

Posted: 16/10/2012 | Views: 445 | Comments:

DL Hughley imagines what the founding fathers would say about President Barack Obama. (0:43)

Tags: dl hughley, the endangered list, documentaries, barack obama, african american, racism, founding fathers, history

Uncensored - Kevin Hart - Reasons Not to Fight

Posted: 06/07/2010 | Views: 352,684 | Comments:

A thug has to give you his whole background in a long speech before you fight him. (1:16)

Tags: kevin hart, seriously funny, uncensored, fights, violence, speeches, imitations, observational

Anthony Jeselnik - Died Eating Cake

Posted: 13/01/2013 | Views: 33,954 | Comments:

Anthony Jeselnik's grandmother died at his ninth birthday party. (2:15)

Tags: anthony jeselnik, caligula, family, death, birthdays, parents, divorce, alcohol, violence

Reggie Watts - Fifth Physical Dimension

Posted: 11/05/2012 | Views: 18,223 | Comments:

Reggie Watts gives one audience member what he wants. (1:31)

Tags: reggie watts, sex, songs, music, city, housing, new york city, audience interaction

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