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Funniest Women of Comedy

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The funniest women all together

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Maria Bamford - Female Bosses

Posted: 01/07/2001 | Views: 22,769 | Comments:

Your female boss wants you to go take a break and get her a latte. (1:53)

Tags: maria bamford, comedy central presents, parents, work/office, men/women, comedians of comedy

Lisa Lampanelli - Chocolate Love

Posted: 18/03/2011 | Views: 14,961 | Comments:

Lisa Lampanelli should not have to spritz her inner thigh with barbeque sauce to get the job done. (1:58)

Tags: lisa lampanelli, tough love, marriage, ethnic, dating, sex, african american, mental health, racism, stereotypes, asian, italian, men/women, vaginas, work/office

Whitney Cummings - Balls Are Disgusting

Posted: 02/08/2010 | Views: 97,497 | Comments:

Men should not shave their balls -- the last thing those things need to be are more visible. (1:19)

Tags: whitney cummings, money shot, balls, men/women, lookin' good, insults, observational

Janine DiTullio - Dental Plan

Posted: 26/05/1993 | Views: 2,414 | Comments:

Just chew on the other side. (3:26)

Tags: janine ditullio, two drink minimum, family, food, animals, homeless, sex, environment, health, driving, jesus, religion, one-liners

Laura Kightlinger - Choose the Right Book

Posted: 27/03/2003 | Views: 1,973 | Comments:

Afghani women need to choose their books wisely. (0:51)

Tags: laura kightlinger, comedy central presents, men/women, afghanistan, books, religion

Rebecca Corry - Being a Kid

Posted: 12/01/2006 | Views: 7,322 | Comments:

Rebecca Corry misses being a kid. (1:16)

Tags: rebecca corry, premium blend, men/women, growing up, dirty jokes, physical humor, alternative

Amy Schumer - Freestyle Lessons

Posted: 01/02/2009 | Views: 12,712 | Comments:

Amy's best black friend is teaching her how to freestyle rap, and Amy is teaching her how to freestyle swim. (2:43)

Tags: amy schumer, south beach comedy festival, partying, alcohol, miami, racism, african american, swimming, sex, michelle kwan, ice skating, asian, jewish, religion, exclusives, oliver stone

Wanda Sykes - Turn-Ons

Posted: 30/11/1998 | Views: 4,445 | Comments:

Threesomes are much more exciting for men than for women. (2:46)

Tags: wanda sykes, comedy central presents, observational, men/women, sex, stereotypes

Marina Franklin - Barack Obama, Our Lord and Savior

Posted: 14/04/2011 | Views: 17,326 | Comments:

It seems like Michelle Obama always knew she wanted to be a first lady; she doesn't look like she went through a slut phase. (4:25)

Tags: john oliver's new york stand-up show, marina franklin, dating, chicago, barack obama, michelle obama, prostitution, sex

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