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Jon Huck - Cocaine and Depression

Posted: 04/12/2009 | Views: 1,005 | Comments:

Jon Huck should stop taking Ecstasy. (1:56)

Tags: jon huck, live at gotham, health, friends, weight/obesity, cocaine, drugs, lookin' good, dieting, books, ecstasy

Dave Waite - Sweet Look

Posted: 13/11/2009 | Views: 1,055 | Comments:

Dave took a cooking class to meet women, but ended up meeting other creepy dudes. (1:57)

Tags: dave waite, live at gotham, lookin' good, men/women, internet, porn, sex, tv, growing up, parents, business, cooking

Charlie Murphy - King of Pop

Posted: 13/11/2009 | Views: 4,914 | Comments:

Over a 40 year career, Michael Jackson turned into five very different people. (0:40)

Tags: charlie murphy, live at gotham, music, death, michael jackson

Matt Braunger - Strip Club for Ladies

Posted: 14/07/2012 | Views: 5,415 | Comments:

Matt Braunger will throw money at any woman dancing suggestively in front of him. (1:51)

Tags: matt braunger, shovel fighter, men/women, strippers, dancing, money, penises, sexual advances

Edwin San Juan - Making Fun of Asians

Posted: 13/11/2009 | Views: 2,177 | Comments:

Vietnamese people make great soup, but they sound like they're mad all the time. (2:15)

Tags: edwin san juan, live at gotham, ethnic, insults, stereotypes, imitations, food, crime, asian

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