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Dirty Secrets Revealed

These people did things that would humiliate them if the public found out. Then the public found out.

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This Is Sober History

Eric Falconer sobers up to watch his Drunk History appearance. He doesn't remember why he ate Play-Doh.

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Thursday, July 10

Fat People S**t: The Half Hour Is All New Tomorrow

Damien Lemon explains what being a "foodie" really means, and Rachel Feinstein has a terrifying vision of the man she might end up with. New episodes of The Half Hour start tomorrow at 12a/11c.

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Preview: Rachel Feinstein

Watch New and Extra-Tipsy Drunk History Highlights

Nellie Bly learns that insane asylums are not enjoyable at all, Sybil Ludington saves America, and the comedians put away enough booze to take down an adult gorilla.

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Really Enjoying the Kisses: Watch Nathan For You Highlights

After trying to help a struggling souvenir shop, Nathan ends up shooting a movie to avoid fraud charges. Awkward kisses are involved.

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