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Watch “House Haunters” and gear up for "A Haunted House 2."


Colbert Moments

Discover Stephen's favorite things, his hidden talents and even his childhood.

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Thursday, April 17

Get Stand-Up Month Specials Uncensored and Uncut

April is Stand-Up Month, with six brand-new specials from Hannibal Buress, Patton Oswalt, Dave Attell, Tracy Morgan, Jim Gaffigan and David Spade. Visit CC:Stand-Up Direct to preview and download the latest ones now.

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The Walsh Brothers Are Back with New Episodes

Chris and David Walsh are required by law to tell you about new episodes of The Walsh Bros. Great and Secret Comedy Show. It's part sketch show, part prank show and all tomfoolery.

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The Daily Show: Behind the Spotlight with Jason Jones

Jason puts on a serious face to interview his fellow Daily Show correspondents -- including the frustratingly perfect Jason Jones.

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