Quest for Aquatica

  • Season 1, Ep 4
  • 10/14/2015

When Dazzle goes on a deep-sea mission, he gets distracted by the charms of a beautiful female dolphin.

(Tate)Ah, the old submopod.

You know, your mother and Iconceived you

in a vessel like this.

Dad, that--that's inappropriate.

No, no, no, no,it's fascinating.

How did you find the space?

Well, she kinda shimmied upthe side.

Can I--Can I--Can I show you?

Sure.Am I you or your wife?

- Ugh.- No, I'm me.

And then if you just scoot upand spread eagle.

- Ugh.- Like this?

Not quite.

She had her legup on that panel.

- And she--- No, don't.

Let me justadjust your hips.

Stop it!

Not now, Chrysalis.Daddy's busy.

FYI, I'm very comfortablewith my body.

So just really invademy personal space.

[hoarse murmur]

Dad, stop!

[rattle, all screaming]

Oh, my God![overlapping yelling]


Look, Dazzle.It's Splasha, your girlfriend.

Thank God.

Splasha, I've missed youso much.

I know!

Every second we're apartis like a million eternities.

No, you try and keep up.


[upbeat music]

♪ I see your finbegging my to play ♪

♪ As silver angelschart the course ♪

♪ With their echolocation

♪ I wipe a tearas the blow holes spray ♪

♪ Wise old Mr. Octopus

♪ Applauds in celebration

♪ Never thought thatI would know my destiny ♪

♪ Till the day I sawa thousand eels ♪

♪ And called it harmony

♪ I kissed a reefin Aquatica ♪

♪ Never going back to allthose stupid dicks on land ♪

♪ Oh yeah

♪ I kissed a reefin Aquatica ♪

♪ The kissed a reef

♪ I touched a cod

♪ In Aquatica

♪ I touched a cod

♪ I met a squidin Aquatica ♪

[all cheering]

Who wants a shot, shot?

Shoot it.



Chrysalis, open wide.

Ugh, no thanks.

And this must bethe birthday boy.

Chrysalis,you chose a terrible stripper.

Actually, Dazzle,this is my dad.

Commander Blade H. Tate,26th Quasar Battalion,

Order of the Neon Opal,seaQuest DSV.

He's a little out of it.

Been through sometraumatic stuff.

- Just be cool.- Got it.

So I hear you've seensome gnarly [bass note].


Yes, I have spent more time

inside of explosionsthan out of them.

My body is90% torpedo shrapnel.

Wow.That is gnarly.

It's better than beingstuck in this office

like you two.

Trapped like rats in some kindof cage-shaped box.

Hang on,Chrysalis is a dullard,

I'll give you that,

but I leada very exciting life.

That's cute.

In my book,a man ain't alive

until he's standing outon the deck,

dripping wet withsalt water and pirate blood,

surrenderingto the warm embrace

of the sea.

Ooh, ooh.


Okay, good speech, Dad.

Hey, I'm gonna needsome time off this week

to take care of him.

What do you mean"take care of"?

I'm a grown man.

Of course.

Enjoy Moonbeam Cityas a family.

Hey, I've got a bottleof 400-proof Crystal Minotaur

in my office.Who wants in?

400-proof,what is this, Mother's Day?


Hello, Pizzaz.Party's down the hall.

Oh, wait,no witches allowed.

I wouldn't go to your partyif you paid me.

Now let's go, it's timefor your CPR training.

CP-what training?

CPR training.

What-PR whatting?

Mandatory CPR training!

Come on, it'll only take15 minutes.

But it's my birthday.

And it'll stillbe your birthday

in 15 minutes.


You are on my time,my dime,

and you willfall in line.

And breathe lifeinto your dead bodies?

Sorry, Dr. Frankenstein, I don'tbelieve in the black arts.