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Important Things with Demetri Martin

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Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 03/25/2009  |   Views: 9,647

Demetri trades in fun, games and audience threats while reimagining pro sports as animal duels. Meanwhile, Devon Cottonfield demonstrates a proper relationship escape.

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Season 1 - Episode 103  |   Aired: 03/18/2009  |   Views: 10,835

Demetri is too cool for clear pants, but he still needs professional help before a date. And while coolness is relative, everyone agrees that face tattoos are not cool, at all.

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Season 1 - Episode 106  |   Aired: 03/11/2009  |   Views: 6,738

Demetri lives in a dangerous world, so keep his safety tips in mind: use scented candles as a fire alarm, pubic hair for home security, and maintain a healthy fear of pinatas.

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Season 1 - Episode 107  |   Aired: 03/04/2009  |   Views: 10,618

Demetri considers the mysteries surrounding chairs. Why are lions afraid of chairs? Why do we sit in chairs to eat and then get rid of food? And who sticks gum under a chair?

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Season 1 - Episode 102  |   Aired: 02/25/2009  |   Views: 12,096

Demetri does away with neuroscience and phrenology as he digs into brains, finds a corollary between neck-thickness and literacy, and revisits "The Prince and The Pauper."

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