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Doug Benson & Rob Huebel

Season 2 - Episode 204   |   Aired: 07/31/2013   |   Views: 3,430   |   Comments:

Anthony announces a Batman vs. Superman movie, examines a nationwide sperm shortage and chats with some experts about drunk driving. Panel guests: Doug Benson & Rob Huebel.


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Jason Mantzoukas & Natasha Leggero

Season 1 - Episode 108  |   Aired: 04/09/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony talks ladies' golf, a California chef slow-roasts his wife, and two teens try to poison their teacher. Panel guests: Jason Mantzoukas & Natasha Leggero.

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John Mulaney & T.J. Miller

Season 1 - Episode 107  |   Aired: 04/02/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony talks to a psychologist, the Aurora shooter converts to Islam, and bullet wounds look just like Italian food. Panel guests: John Mulaney & T.J. Miller.

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Jeff Ross & Jonah Ray

Season 1 - Episode 106  |   Aired: 03/26/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony reveals his softer side, discusses whether Barack Obama is Satan and reviews Casey Anthony's parenting skills. Panel guests: Jeff Ross & Jonah Ray.

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Andy Kindler & Brett Gelman

Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 03/19/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony shows off his staff's diversity, asks the audience "Which Kind of Asian Is This?" and discovers strip club tax breaks. Panel guests: Andy Kindler & Brett Gelman.

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Brian Posehn & Doug Benson

Season 1 - Episode 104  |   Aired: 03/12/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony defends Justin Bieber, chats about baby AIDS and uncovers the lighter side of necrophilia. Panel guests: Brian Posehn & Doug Benson.