• Season 1, Ep 2
  • 04/01/2015

Jack and Ben scramble to come up with a plan after the police begin investigating Jimmy Staats, and Detective Zdorkin tries to get answers out of Del.

A man don't eat that fast...

unless he don't know where hisnext meal is coming from.

I was just hungry,that's all.

You don't gotta lie to me, boy.I know your type.

You ain't from around here.

Where your family?

I don't have a family.

Thank you for the goulash, sir.

Hold it right there, boy!

Since you got no family...

I'm guessing you had no oneto teach you any manners.

Rude to leave the tablebefore you finish the meal.


Do you understand me?

Now, come get your dessert.


I wish they neverkicked me out.

I'm glad they did.

[DIANA] What is this?[ALAN] That's our front yard!

Turn that off! Oh, my god!You see that?

[JACK] Do you see that?

How you like that goulash?[DIANA] What is wrong with you?

[DIANA] That is disgusting! You like goulash good!

Soak it up! Because you arelooking at my future, all right?

Eating goulash and suckingsome homeless guy's--

Jack Christopher, that's enough!

Come on, guys! You're brothers!

You think Clint and Ron Howardwouldn't suck each other off...

if they got the chance?

Do you? Answer him!Do you think?

[BEN] Of course, they would.[JACK] They would... idiot!

[DIANA] I don't care,I want it off my television.

Turn it off right now.Where's the remote?

I just can't believe thatyou're letting Ben stay here...

Now, as you can see behind me...

police are still cleaningup a grisly fire fight...

they say was instigatedby one Jimmy Staats.

Police don't know muchabout Jimmy Staats...

but what we do know suggestshe's a failed actor...

turned deranged drug dealer.Take a look.

Ma, Ma, please! I just want to be an actor!

You're not very talented!

Hey, Jimmy, you better not hurt your mom!

Now here's a little tip about being a drug dealer.

Don't get caught with a small handgun...

if you don't know how to use it.

Or at least know how to use it--

I can't even watch this.This is such a hatchet job.

This is ridiculous. The media,the media, they're so messed up.

They're just painting himto be this horrible person.

And he was so good,he was such a good actor...

such a good man.

Jimmy Staats was a [BLEEP] [BLEEP]! He deserved to die.

Yeah, Jimmy Staats was a[BLEEP] piece of [BLEEP], Kristy!

Yeah, so in lieu of flowers, his family would really like...

you to watch our videos at, our plug.

This is Kristy Hemsworth reporting for News 8.

What the hell? That stupidbitch cut off our plug. Kristy!


We need to come up with answersfor this interrogation.

Like how I knew Jimmy.

Yes, like maybe youhardly knew Jimmy.

Bought drugs from him one timeand he seemed like...

a messed-up dude.

You know, we think that whenhe kidnapped Del...

he might have done stuff to him.

He raped Del.He raped him thoroughly.

That makes sense.Del got raped.

What's next?

Okay, we're gonna needto bring things in, like props.

What if they give you water?

They will put down a glassof water and I will--

What the hell was that?

I'm sorry,I just get so upset...

when I think about whatthat bastard did to Del.

And it reminds meof how my dad beats us.

We'll tell 'em Dad beats us.


One last question...

Would you likeyour parking validated?

Oh, no, thank you, sir,we don't own a car.

[ZDORKIN]How do I get in touchwith Del Plympton?

We don't ha-- what?


Somebody order a rape kit?Oh--


Ah, I will be raping-- agh.

Rape kit-ting you.

So if you want, you couldjust, um, start by...

taking your clothes off.