In Heat

  • Season 2, Ep 1
  • 01/14/2015

Abbi hunts for a desperately needed air conditioner while Ilana tries to find the perfect birthday present for Lincoln.

Come on!Come on, dude!

It's coming, it's coming.

Go, go, let's go,let's go!

(indistinct voice on P.A.)

(both) Yes!

All right, we've gotta goto the back of the train.Okay.

Okay.Hey, sorry.



(chimpanzee shrieking)

(pigs grunting)

(Abbi) Ugh, typical.

(jackals cackling)



(woman) Val? Val!


Ilana, come on.

Oh, my God.


Oh!Oh, my--

Oh, (bleep).


Okay, come on, come on.All right, okay.

(Abbi)What's going on here?

(door chiming)

(men shouting)

Hold up, dude.

We were supposed to beat the front end.

That's what I said.Is it?

Is it?Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Are you sure?Yeah.

I thou-- I don't know,

I think you saidwe needed to be at--

Get yourself--

Don't even, I'm pretty sureI got you.

Go away!(laughing)

Get out!

♪ Four and threeand two and one, one ♪♪


They moved the fans.Good call.

You know, I wasgonna say something,

but I didn't want to stepon anyone's toes, you know,

'cause like,I don't work here.

Why don't you work here?

You don't (bleep)where you eat.

Ooh, Turbie Twist.

You think Lincolnwould want

one of thesefor his birthday?

Probably not, 'causehe doesn't have any hair.

(clicking tongue)Ugh, right.

Right?Right, right, right.

Yeah. Hmm.Yep, you're right.

You know what?Follow me.

We'll check outthe ravioli attachments

for his pasta maker.

Lincoln has a pasta maker?No way.

Yeah, you don't knowabout this?

The homemade pasta.

He makes a different kindevery Sunday night.

It's on his blog.

What blog?

"The Al Dente Dentist."

Do you not talkto Lincoln?

It should be called"The Al Dentist."

No, we don't--

We don't talk.We hook up,

I smoke him up,we watch TV.

It's great.


You come here, you don'tcome find me in flatware?

Come on!Oh, ho, ho, ho!


(both) Hmm.

Here we go.This is it.




Blam! (scatting)I'm just gonna...

Oh, my God.

Wow.Wow, wow, wow, wow.

All right.Thank you, guys.

Thank you so much.

Whoa!Oh, ho, ho!

Holler at me, Abbi!(laughing)

Good to see you, Abbi.Oh, I'll see you.

How often do youcome in here?

Not that much.

Well, look whatthe cat dragged in.

Hey.All right.

Oh, my God.

The planning this takesis unbelievable.

This is incredible.What's going on?

Oh, my God, she doesn'tdo dances with me.

(both laughing)

Hi, pretty lady!What's up?

What is up?Oh, look--

Okay.You know what?

I've got a cutting boardwith your name on it.


No, really, I've beencalling it "The Abbi."


You go do that.

I will getan air conditioner.

Meet you back onthe thing.

While my partnerin justice

removes your A/C,

I'm gonna teach you boysabout the dangers

of rippingunderaged bongs.

Now, you take this,brother.

You're gonna smokethe whole bag.

You're first,little buddy.

Now, suck it up.(bong bubbling)

That's it.And here we go.


(Ilana) Yeah, I inventedthis app--

Well, okay, I didn'tinvent it yet, but soon.

It's this photo app that,um, adds lasers to images,

so you could put laserscoming out of eyes,

or nipples,or buttholes.

That'd be pretty cool,

if it wasn'talready an app.


Wow, you handsare big.

I don't knowwhat that mean--

I could say something,like "big hands," or...



Stop it.

You're so funny.

Have you everheard of Bleepy?

Of course!Bleepy is huge!

Well, I invented that.

No!It's obviously

not my only capitalistventure at this time.


Whoa, look at that.


I'm definitely applyinghere next year.

Wait, I thought you saidyou're a senior.

I am, at MorristownPrep Academy.


So, how... old are you?


Oh, I've done it again.