Glitzotrene - One Town's Seduction

  • Season 1, Ep 5
  • 10/21/2015

When the sexy flameologists of the Moonbeam City Fire Department steal the spotlight from the police force, Pizzaz and Dazzle decide to spice things up with a drug epidemic.

Ugh, this is grum?

It looks and smellslike powdered horse manure.

I think it is, mostly.

- I want to smell it.- Rad!

Wow, it's really euphoric.

It's like my earsare on a cloud.

Well, I guessit's harmless.

I wonder whyit never caught on.



Well, we can't starta drug epidemic with this.

We need something sexy and fun.

I'm goingto go down to the chemistry lab.

Maybe those nerdscan whip up a new drug for us.

Wait, we're gonna createa drug ourselves?

Does the mayorknow about this?

He really scares me.

We don't needto tell the pharaoh

how the pyramids are built.

They just need to get built!

Believe me, the less thatwhack-job knows, the better.

My ankles are on fire!

But my shins are freezing.

My God, he is innocent!

I've got one minute

to get this evidenceto death row before they--

Drop everything, Jericho.

Good. I've gota new job for you.

Top secret, and youanswer only to me.

But they're gonnaexecute this man--

Damn it, Jericho,I don't have time to argue.

There's drugs to be made.

[synthesizer music plays]

I did it.

I did it!

It's 100% pure.

- Pure what?- I don't know!

Have any glitz?Anyone have any...glitz?

The Salazito compound hasto be around here somewhere.

Ugh! I need glitz.

Poor bastards.That bastard chemist

Jericho Becker got 'em addictedto his wonder drug

and then stopped making it.Heartless bastard.



No more screwing around,Raduardo.

Make it right this time.


Unless you don't knowhow to make it.

Maybe you're just a fraud.

Maybe you're nota powerful drug lord at all.

If that's the case,

then you mightas well leave right now.

[loudly] No![meekly] I am.

Then make the glitz.

I don't knowhow not to make gliss.

Glitz. Glitz.

I hope Rad isn't actuallytrying to make glitzotrene.

He knows nothingabout chemistry.

One wrong combination and--

Let's go!

[siren wails]Firemen?

Oh, God!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


[Sizzle laughing]

[crowd cheering]

Those Dalmatiandiddling glory hogs.

They're goingto hog all the glory.

[Sizzle grunting]

(Mayor)Look, Sizzle capturedRaduardo Glitzcobar.

Go, Sizzle, go!

[Sizzle groans]

Oh, my chiseled face!

Well, at leasthe was horribly burned.

All those Sizzle groupiesare gonna be flocking to me now.