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Comedy Central Presents

Comedy Central Presents

  • Saturday August 2, 2014

    Comedy Central Presents Matt Fulchiron (1502)

    Take Matt Fulchiron to the hospital because his jokes are SICK! Matt explores drive through liquor stores and dirty movies on pay per view, and predicts the future of news casting.

  • 8:00AM
    Comedy Central Presents The Sklar Brothers 2 (1402)

    Jason and Randy Sklar discuss their growing family, what offends black people and healthy wraps, and propose a new show for Michael Vick.

  • Sunday August 3, 2014

    Comedy Central Presents Nick Swardson 2 (1004)

    Nick Swardson discusses why he wants to own random zoo animals and what he would do if he found some treasure in this half-hour, stand-up special.

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