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TV Schedule

Comedy Central Presents

Comedy Central Presents

  • Tuesday September 23, 2014

    Comedy Central Presents Rocky LaPorte (901)

    Italian Rocky LaPorte talks about his family's businesses and his difficulties in school as a young boy in this half-hour, stand-up special.

  • Wednesday September 24, 2014

    Comedy Central Presents Robert Kelly (1206)

    Robert Kelly rants about how he thinks wearing only socks to bed is sexy, why he punches butter when he's angry, and what he uses to gauge how fat he is in this half-hour stand up special.

  • 9:00AM
    Comedy Central Presents Finesse Mitchell (1116)

    Finesse Mitchell talks about his new found fame on SNL, mentions the little oddities he loves about New Yorkers, and explains why the younger the mama, the more jacked up the baby's name is bound to be in this special.

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