Pulling a Rachel Dolezal

Extended - March 30, 2017 - Chris Hayes 03/30/2017 Views: 93,230

As Rachel Dolezal prepares to release her first book, Michelle Wolf weighs in on how white people can support the African-American community without lying about their race. (5:52)

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You know, it's insane.

We were just talkingabout how much news there is,

and then, minutesbefore we started taping,

it broke that Michael Flynn,

President Trump'sfirst national security advisor,

has offered to testifyto the FBI

in exchange for immunityfrom prosecution.

Yeah, this just broke.

And-- this is whatI was thinking--

I love that the guy who wasin the Trump White House

for literally a week

saw enough bad (bleep)to get himself off the hook.

It never ends. It never ends.

Anyway, anyway, moving on,

uh, I'm assuming that you guysremember Rachel Dolezal, right?

Well, if you don't, she wasthe NAACP leader in Spokane.

Well, that was until everyonefound out that she was white.

I don't...I don't understand the question.

I'm not... I...


I love how simple that was.

Like, she built her whole careeron being black,

and all it took wasfor one person to just ask her

and the whole thing fell apart.

Like, what if that's justthe secret,

that you can do that to anyone,you know?

You just ask them the question,you know?

We should just try itwith random people,

like with DMX, you know?

Just be like...♪ X gonna give it to you

Uh, go and be like,"DMX, are your parents white?"


got to go!"

Anyway, anyway,

anyway, we-we thought that thatwas the end of Rachel Dolezal.

But, guess what, she's black!

WOMAN: Dolezal has legally changed her name

to "Nkechi Amare Diallo,"

but she's using the name that made her famous

to publish her new memoir, In Full Color.

Wow. She changed her nameto Nkechi Amare Diallo?

-That is hard-core black.-(laughter)

Like, I'm from Africa,and even I'm like,

-"Can I just call you Rachel?"-(laughter)

Now, now...

now the world may haveRachel Dolezal,

but here at The Daily Show, we have our very own

racially-ambiguous person,Michelle Wolf.

So, what I thought was...

We're gonna get her thoughts.

So please welcome backMichelle Wolf, everybody!

(cheers and applause)

Oh. Hello, Trevor!

Okay, look, Michelle,I'm not gonna front.

I know this is kind of awkward,

but you actually get mistakenfor being black quite a lot.

-Yeah, like, all the time.-(laughter)

By, like, strangers,black people, Asian people,

people I think are Dominican,

but then, they turn outto be Puerto Rican,

-and then that's a whole thing.-(laughter)

Like, all the time.

Like, you rememberwhen we were in the...?

-The Daily Show was inCleveland? -Oh, yes, I remember.

Oh, and this is a true story.This happened to us.

So we were in Clevelandfor the RNC,

and Michelle and I werewalking around one day,

and then, a guy in a park--

he came running up to usout of nowhere,

and he was like, "Hey, what partof Africa are you from?"

And so, I was like,"I'm from southeast."

He's like, "Shut up, man!I'm talking to her!"


A 100% true story.

Like, most... in parks,

some girls get like,"Did you fall from heaven?"

-And I get, "Are youfrom Africa?" -(laughter)

But here's the thing.I saw this story,

and I realized, I've neverasked you this question.

But becausesome people think that,

have you ever consideredsaying that you are black?

That is a great question,Trevor.

-Uh, the answer is... "no."-(laughter)

Yeah, but you're no strangerto black people

and black culture, right?

-You've written for Chris Rock.-Mm-hmm.

-You write for me on the show.-Mm-hmm.

Your sneaker game is ridiculous.

-Yeah? Yeah?-Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous.

-Thank you. -It's prettygangster. Yeah? Yeah?

-(applause and cheering)-Gangster sneakers. -Yeah.

Are you telling me you neverfeel tempted to claim blackness?

Another great question.

-Uh, nope.-(laughter)

I don't, and honestly,

I could make a reallyconvincing case for myself.

-Look. This is a pictureof me as a baby. -(laughter)

Look at that! I amthe only person in the world

who looks like a combinationof both Annies.


-(applause and cheering)-Yeah.

The sun'll come out wheneverthe (bleep) I feel like it!

So for real, Michelle, like,

you would never, ever, ever tryto pass yourself off as black?


And this is something

I wish more white peoplewould understand.

-Black isn't just a clubwe can join! -(laughter)

The same way black people cannotjust choose to not be black.

I mean, I know I'm white.

You know how I know I'm white?

-I can cry myself outof a parking ticket. -(laughter)

Hell, I can cry myselfout of a murder charge.

I knew it!

(crying):But I didn't do it!

Oh, I can't stay mad at you. Ah!

All right, but Michelle,if you are a white person,

and you want to be involvedin black culture,

then, what do you do?

Well, we don't needto fake being black

to support black people.

Like, white people can stillwork with the NAACP.

White people can still say"black lives matter."

White people can can listento Lemonade,

and also be mad at Jay Z.


White people can even weardetoxifying charcoal face masks,

but we cannot take a selfie!

Uh, hold on! Hold on! Hold on!Hold on! Hold on!

-Oh, Roy Wood Jr., everybody.-Hold on.

-(applause and cheering)-What? What's this?

Michelle, you're not black?



So does this mean I can't callyou my (bleep) anymore?


That is 100% your decision,but I don't hate it.

-That's my (bleep).-(laughter)

Michelle Wolf and Roy Wood Jr.,everybody!